Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to Apply the Picks; " Darpino Daytrading System "

All of my posted recommendations are intended to be used in the following system that I have developed;
(remember, the goal here is a daily gain of 2% after commissions)
1) place limit order for 2.5% gain
2) place a sell stop for a 3% loss
3) my method works best with 3 or more equities purchased daily @open or get in ext. AM session if you feel price is at a good level to execute order early
stocks and the trading system mentioned above are the sole decision of me, Nick Darpino, and before investing, all research should be done by you, the investor, before opening a position
I do not personally own or have an interest in any stock mentioned here unless stated next to ticker symbol


techtoys63 said...

I ll tell you what, if this keeps up, I will quit my job and make 3 trades a day! Keep it up and thankyou in advance. I stumbled across this blog about 1.5weeks ago and was skeptical because there are a million of these out there, i watched it - 2 days later I couldnt resist- started trading with you, now i am a loyal follower!!!! Thankyou! I will be telling my friends about this, it is great.

The Monetizer said...

Hey Nick thanks for stopping by the Monetizer blog. Very interesting info you have here as well. I've been out of the trading game for a bit but may get back in this year. Subscribed to your RSS too..

suzyq412 said...

Nick found your blog this last weekend. Have been watching and like the results very much. Read your story and am in similar situation. Want to improve my trading and this looks like a good bet. I am going to use the picks that have options for them as that is the only way I can trade from day to day. Thanks again.

suzyq412 said...

PS. I have forwarded on your site to other traders in my group. Your results are amazing.


PLEASE NOTE; THIS WAS EMAILED TO ME BY A TED H ; i wanted to post as he was one of the first people to write such a motivating email.
To validate, I will email him and ask him to post under here.


I constantly track your stock selection, and I can say this - It's much better than those fraudulent stock pickers out there, Sharks., and all those manipulators cheat innocent people.

Very soon, I have no doubt you will be a people's person, famous thru word of mouth.

You are a very good work, you can go one like this, and soon you can make this a paid-service.

Frankly, I see lots of eye-straining ads on your beautiful page.

Do you look into Fundamental fcators too?, or just Technical factors?

I see you concentrate on OTCs, is it like playing with fire? :)

Most OTCs are manipulated by these Stock Promoters.

At this point in time, I want to know, if you can provide a professional service.

I'd also appreciate if you can post an entry price, and target price, and average holding time..

Nice knowing you, and you have bright future ahead,


techtoys63 said...

I got my co-worker to check you out, and he is thrilled / will you use this site for the member site?
What are the monthly costs set at? I probally will get the life member, its worth i made that in a few minutes (a bunch of times)hehe

Mimi Lenox said...

You've been royally tagged by Mimi Queen of Memes. Have fun!
Message In a Bottle Meme

drewo88 said...

hey your site is really good. I like your strategy. Check out my blog and tell me what you think.

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