Thursday, January 24, 2008

Picks Galore for Fri. Jan 25, 2008 & Option Opinions

Let's start with 4 shorts for Friday:
  1. (JASO) - my long winner today, will be a shorted winner tomorrow
  2. (DEEP) - as I have note this short all along gaining 30% as this will tumble more on Fri after a false sense of hope today
  3. (FCFS) - short, short, short.
  4. (LYV) - this is another equity teasing its share-holders today; its over Johny-when you dip, I short, you dip!

If you can not bring yourself to short a stock, I like the 4 shorts first, a bull for Fri:

  1. (GOLD) - go long and set your limits

I have had many requests for options picks; I was going to wait until my member site was up to give out option picks as these are where the big, BIG gains can be made, even daytrading them! I will recommend when to close the open positions that I have initiated, but when dailydaytrades is launched, option plays will then only be available there as these are priceless, so go and check out the lifetime membership and advertising offer that is now still available be I shut down the promo; get both, lifetime advertising on this site plus a full-lifetime membership to my site for $100 donation (monthly fees if you do not take advantage of this offer will be in the $20/$40 range, and no advertising if you are a monthly renewal client) _

My first 2 option positions to open (do not use any stops or targets with my option plays):

  1. +CDECA (CDE) - Mar 5.00 Call @ close .30 up .05
  2. +QXOCH (SIRI)- Mar 4.00 Call @ close .20 unchanged

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