Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After the Bell...Tues.1/15/08

5 of 6 are Winners:
  • (CHDX) - stopped out at our 3% loss
  • (FEED) - opened @ $11.15; hit 11.70 +4.94% @ 9:51 before dropping; remember, we are using limit orders for a 2.5%gain
  • (CDL) - depending on order time, if you got in @ 9:31, shorted cost $1.59; at 9:40, dropped to 1:46 for a high of +8.91%
  • (HIBB) - my big short play for a ext-am short; closed yesterday at $15.96; depending when you got in, it dropped to $12.30 after bell, gains up to +29.76%
  • (ETLY) - at 9:30 sat put at .165; by 11:14, hit .19 for a high of +15.16 - this is a hold with the other 4 China OTC specs.
  • (ARCC) - this short play has hung around since last Thurs as it never hit the sell or stop limits; add the winner column as it dropped to our 2.5% goal before losing 3%; total high since pick was given +4.12%

44 Winners & 3 Losers to date!


Nick said...

This is not right. I have a problem with your reasonings.

CDL - You say we have to buy at the open or before. You didn't tell us to buy at 9:31. Thus this one stopped out at 3% LOSS

HIBB - You posted to short it at 8:26 by that time the news was already out and the stock had already plunged. Take your advice short in early AM and you get 2.5% not 29.76% If you want to take credit for 29.76% you should've said to sell it before the close on Mon!

ETLY - You must be joking. Only 3000 dollars changed hands by noon. Even if you were the first one in this stock has terrible liquidity. Try picking stocks that churn at least a couple hundred thousand dollars during the day. Once again only 2.5% that is the limit remember!

Ok I'm being a jerk here and I somewhat regret that. However, I don't like it when people lay claims to stuff they did not do. Hindsight is 20/20 all I'm saying is quit boasting about all these 35% 43% 24% one day gains. Unless you say hold till the end of the day you can't take credit for anymore than 2.5%

All the same I wish you the best. I agree the majority of your trades have been better than average which is commendable.


I encourage all comments, good or bad; but I do not tell anyone to look to collect gains above the 2.5% as I never say this will gain us 20%; I just post the total % change on each, I state many times to put a limit to collect +2.5% and thats it, I will not take credit for high % change unless I say it will be huge, and with a few of picks in past, I have said itll be huge and those are the big gains I rave about, such as JADE and more recently COIN , where I called before any changes in ext hrs.
I appreciate your insight and hope that you will check back again.
Nick D.