Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Picks for Thurs. 1/24/2008

Two picks using the system:

  • (JASO) - as I have stated over and over, this is a day-traders dream as you can pull the 2.5% target both long & short sometimes 3x a day. I like this to be bought long either ext. am or at open; place a limit order to take a 2.5% gain (with this equity, do not use a sell stop, it moves to much - swung 17% today)
  • (JNPR) - is the short play of the day

My Major MoneyMaker for My Members:

  • (DLII) - Dixie-Lee Intl; if you have been a reader of my picks, you know that at least once a week I throw a stud~pick out there to you (these will only be supplied to members at when site is opened Apr 1, 2008) you can get a membership at an unbelievable discount by reading how-to in the last post as space for this promo is limited and already starting to fill up. Look to pull 8% - 12% out of this pick Thurs.

1 comment:

Brant said...

great call on DLII and good call on JASO....I waited until close to short JNPR, im hoping they report terrible!!