Thursday, January 31, 2008

Picks for Fri. Feb. 1, 2008 (Black Friday)

I am predicting a rough first day of Feb. as (GOOG) took a hit of over 36pts after hours;
(BIDU) also took a plunge so this is why I am giving you this first short, solely because the mini version of the parent monsters did not take much of a slide, YET-
  • (SOHU) - short
  • (CYMI) - also a short for Fri (probally will win shorting any stock in exsistance tomorrow)

I would watch close before buying anything long, if you insist then look at this bank (FBTX)

also look at (MBRK) to buy long; I also will update the Bull/Bears charts to the right, banks may survive on this Black Friday

Take a look below at results from today plus the options are still and may even be on sale tomorrow.

Please drop me a Comment regarding the color combonation on this site; if you like or dislike it please let me know, if you do not like it, should it just be the common white background?

Thankyou in advance- If you want to take advantage of the above offer of lifetime deals and if you leave me a comment, good or bad, in reference to the colors here - pay the $100 through chip-in above (via PayPal); once it registers, I will refund you back $25.00!!! This special refund offer is valid until 02/08/2008...

Another HUGE & PERFECT Day !!!

Start with the Equities:
  • (ITNS) - the one I gave as a long play; the one that I give you once a week that has always performed with 20%+ gains as my HUGE play of the week; Well no let down here, opened at .15 but if you bought today as I recommended, you would have executed at .13 as right after open it dropped immediatly to .13 then rose to .17 which was a intraday high of +30.77% ; it stayed at that level for a while and then slowly dropped in which you had plenty of time to sell of an collect the gains as this was not a reg. "system played" stock; closed up 7.69% for the day!
  • (RATE) - my long pick today, opened @ $52.77 and rose to a gain of +6.20%
  • (CRME)- my shorted play of the day opened at $6.54 and stumbled down to $6.15 which was a days high gain of +6.53% which also surpassed our targets

Now the Options...

  • +QXOCH - gave out a couple days ago when the entry was .15; no change today as it sits up +33.34% @ .20; recommend: still a buy to .25 as of this evening
  • +GMFE - an option that I gave to open a call position this morning; this now sits up +5.27% and the bid/ask at the close puts my pick up over 10% in the first day of this position

Another Perfect Game Picked Today! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you at the top!

62 Winners with 7 losers since launching site just over a month ago! oh yeah ~ this does not include my 3 option plays that are currently up Huge or my 5 Chinese Spec. Stocks that are also doing well

Since the last day that a loser emerged, I have banged out 16 Platinum Picks in a row

WAMU is still out there but showing signs of struggle (I am not God)

Picks for Thurs. 1/31/2008 * Results from Wed...

Results are in... followed by Thurs. picks...
  • (JASO) - a shorted play at open and instructed to pull 4% and +4% it did!
  • (JASO) - gave an alert at 2:00 when it sat @ $55.30; I alerted to buy long up to 56 and pull addl' 2.5%, at 3:00 area shot up past 57.30 so we hit the target there also!!
  • (DLII) - depending on entry, intraday high of +3.85% or +4.66%
  • +QXOCH - up 33% today, this option is still a buy up to .25
  • +GMFE - a new option to get into on Thurs (GM) JUN 25 Call @ 4.75, a buy to $5
  • (RATE) - a long pick for Thurs, plug into system and watch for right time to enter, watch ext. am
  • (CRME) - short play, may want to short this in ext hrs as it may be already down in the early morning hours
  • (ITNS) - is a big spec play that swung today up and down 25%; as it is a hyped stock, look for some big gain oppertunities on Thurs; I would get long and keep an eye on it
  • (ITNS) - is in a sector that is changing television from how we know it. This is television that is distributed using Internet Protocol technology, better known as "iptv".This is a new technology that has a tremendous amount of room for growth.ITNS, as a developer of cutting edge IPTV solutions, plans to take full advantage of this growth!ITNS realizes that this is a very promising sector if big companies like Microsoft and even Cisco are backing this technology!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mid-Day Alert; Wed Jan. 30, 2008

(JASO) - was todays short as I said to set your limits to pull a 4% gain shorting JASO, it fell well over 5% and still is in that range now sitting at $55.34; Now buy (JASO) long up to $56 and do not use a sell stop and look to get our 2.5% out of this one before close; as I expect, it will not move that much higher in the last 2 hrs, that is O.K. because we will set a limit on this for tomorrow to pull a gain of 3.5%
(DLII) - the long play for today reached +3.85%
+QXOCH - the option play I announced yesterday gained over 33% today so far but it is still a buy as it is @ .20 up from the .15 open; acculmulate shares up to .25. BUY BUY BUY!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picks for Wed. Jan 30, 2008

(JASO) - short; look for a 4% gain, no sell stop on this one
(DLII) - long; look for a 4% gain also watch it, but I would not use a sell stop as it has to much movement
  • +QXOCH - have any extra $$$$, then this is it; I am alerting again on this spec. option play; I gave this out on last Thurs (siri) - then Cramer talked about how the merger must go through , this was a day after I gave it out; stock rose since but today this $4 Mar Call dropped .10 to .15; Get in it tomorrow, I would buy up to .25

Sorry about past couple posting days but there is a family medical emergency I have been dealing with so bear with me and we should be back to "normal " by next week

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pick for Mon 1/28,08

One long pick:
  • (WAVU) - if use choose, look for a 4%gain; use a 4.5% sell stop; or hold with no limits and watch for a few days

I am working on some picks for Tues, there will be more for the morning!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bonus Offer:

As this site celebrates its "one-month anniversary"; I am offering a special discount on the lifetime advertising/members only stock site;
If you followed my system, starting with $10,000 and using a 2.5% limit to sell / 3% sell stop; in the past 4 weeks your portfolio should have over $14,000! over 40% return for the past month in this crazy market!
Donate either $10, $50, or $100 for a text link and access to the new stock pick site that is soon-to-be-launched and I will personally email you with some hot short-term option plays.
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Friday, January 25, 2008


ALL WINNERS; remember, here we look for a 2.5% gain but check out the highs on the day:
  • (JASO) - shorted, opened at 64.00; days high gain +7.33%
  • (DEEP) - shorted with a high of +5.41%
  • (FCFS) - short, high of +4.89%
  • (LYV) - short, high of +6.33%
  • (GOLD) - long, days high climbed over +3% from open

5 Winners & 0 Losers

54 Daily Winners & 7 Losers to date using my std limits

Day 1 of the first initiated option picks:

  • +CDECA - no change
  • +QXOCH - days gain +25% +25% +25%

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Picks Galore for Fri. Jan 25, 2008 & Option Opinions

Let's start with 4 shorts for Friday:
  1. (JASO) - my long winner today, will be a shorted winner tomorrow
  2. (DEEP) - as I have note this short all along gaining 30% as this will tumble more on Fri after a false sense of hope today
  3. (FCFS) - short, short, short.
  4. (LYV) - this is another equity teasing its share-holders today; its over Johny-when you dip, I short, you dip!

If you can not bring yourself to short a stock, I like the 4 shorts first, a bull for Fri:

  1. (GOLD) - go long and set your limits

I have had many requests for options picks; I was going to wait until my member site was up to give out option picks as these are where the big, BIG gains can be made, even daytrading them! I will recommend when to close the open positions that I have initiated, but when dailydaytrades is launched, option plays will then only be available there as these are priceless, so go and check out the lifetime membership and advertising offer that is now still available be I shut down the promo; get both, lifetime advertising on this site plus a full-lifetime membership to my site for $100 donation (monthly fees if you do not take advantage of this offer will be in the $20/$40 range, and no advertising if you are a monthly renewal client) _

My first 2 option positions to open (do not use any stops or targets with my option plays):

  1. +CDECA (CDE) - Mar 5.00 Call @ close .30 up .05
  2. +QXOCH (SIRI)- Mar 4.00 Call @ close .20 unchanged

After the Bell... Thurs Jan.24, 2008...

  • (JNPR) - a short play, did not have a chance and stopped out @ my 3% sell stop limit; as I post picks night before the trading day, if you would have looked at the movement on this pick at opening, I'm sure you probaly would have stayed off of this pick... a loser anyway
  • (JASO) - my long play; hit the target on kept on going with a day's high of +6.99%
  • (DLII) - MY HUGE PICK!!! I stated that you would pull a gain today of 8% - 12% ; but I was off as it closed up 18.31% @ $1.68 from the $1.42 opening price (opened down from prev close); closed just below day's high of $1.69 (+19.02%)... remember these picks that I bring to you apprx. once a week and have not let anyone down yet will only soon be available at my new site as it'll be opening soon and pre-open memberships are now offered at over 90% discounts with limited space. As this blog will still be running with daily picks, these Huge plays will be left out - also, the site will have more involved picks including long-term picks, options, and much more... monthly fees are looking to be in the $20/month range, but you can get in now as a founding member and donate $100; you will receive a lifetime membership with full access to the site plus lifetime advertising link on this blog that will link readers to your site/blog (this can be updated as you wish); advertising alone is worth $40/month ($480/year) remember, you will get a link for life and it is displayed at the top of every page!!! See the members links who already became a Founding Member on the top of right side on this page. Other offers are also available for a limited time (scheduled opening - 2Qtr - 4/1/08; but if I get it up before then offers will be removed without notice and monthly fees will be applied to new members)

Bonus: with picks for tomorrow, I will include some option picks as many requests for them have been made - these will be published this evening. ThankYou

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Picks for Thurs. 1/24/2008

Two picks using the system:

  • (JASO) - as I have stated over and over, this is a day-traders dream as you can pull the 2.5% target both long & short sometimes 3x a day. I like this to be bought long either ext. am or at open; place a limit order to take a 2.5% gain (with this equity, do not use a sell stop, it moves to much - swung 17% today)
  • (JNPR) - is the short play of the day

My Major MoneyMaker for My Members:

  • (DLII) - Dixie-Lee Intl; if you have been a reader of my picks, you know that at least once a week I throw a stud~pick out there to you (these will only be supplied to members at when site is opened Apr 1, 2008) you can get a membership at an unbelievable discount by reading how-to in the last post as space for this promo is limited and already starting to fill up. Look to pull 8% - 12% out of this pick Thurs.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here is a very reasonable and profitable opportunity that will benefit everyone: is not going anywhere; but... is coming!
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Picks for Fri. Jan 18, 2008

As (NWPX) - stopped out on Thurs, I do like it for Fri

(JASO) - this is a stone-cold mortal lock; do not use a sell stop, and as always we are looking for the 2.5% but tomorrow I see pulling a 5-6% gain out of this before the closing bell; this is a stock that can be traded daily both short and long in the same day, everyday as it has a daily swing around 5% +/- sometimes twice a day!

I have a few more ideas on the chart

also tomorrow is when I have to sell (AUY)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

After the Bell... Also, Pick for Thurs.1/17/2008

Results for 1/16:
  • (DDR) - stopped out w/ our 3% sell stop
  • (LIZ) - after open, pushed just short of our 2.5% goal at 2.18%; this also was a loser
  • (DSL) - a short winner as it dropped and produced a high +5.56% gain before running the other way
  • (RNIN) - had no problem with the target as it finished up +15.53%

At 2-2, this was my "Black Wed" ; I will not let it happen again

Record to Date: 46 Winners with 5 Losers

90.13% Accurate

PICK of DAY 1/17/08:

  • (NWPX) - a long position, it had a nice day today but took a hit after hours, so watch it in ext. am trading and if it is still dropping then wait until bell to buy; if it is starting to rise pre-market, then get in then and look for our 2.5% target

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nicks Picks for Wed. Jan.16, 2008

44 Winners & 3 Losers to date (since inception);
Plays to get in before bell (ext. am, if possible) ~
1 - Bull pick (yes a stock to actually go up tomorrow):
  1. (RNIN) - long in ext. am; also use picks in my "system" above

3 - Bears; stocks to short in ext. am hrs:

  1. (DSL) - my top pick for tomorrows worst stock
  2. (LIZ) - short
  3. (DDR) - short

After the Bell...Tues.1/15/08

5 of 6 are Winners:
  • (CHDX) - stopped out at our 3% loss
  • (FEED) - opened @ $11.15; hit 11.70 +4.94% @ 9:51 before dropping; remember, we are using limit orders for a 2.5%gain
  • (CDL) - depending on order time, if you got in @ 9:31, shorted cost $1.59; at 9:40, dropped to 1:46 for a high of +8.91%
  • (HIBB) - my big short play for a ext-am short; closed yesterday at $15.96; depending when you got in, it dropped to $12.30 after bell, gains up to +29.76%
  • (ETLY) - at 9:30 sat put at .165; by 11:14, hit .19 for a high of +15.16 - this is a hold with the other 4 China OTC specs.
  • (ARCC) - this short play has hung around since last Thurs as it never hit the sell or stop limits; add the winner column as it dropped to our 2.5% goal before losing 3%; total high since pick was given +4.12%

44 Winners & 3 Losers to date!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tues.1/15/2008; the picks are...

2 - Bulls:
  1. (CHDX)
  2. (FEED)

2 - Bears:

  1. (CDL)
  2. (HIBB) - this is going to be HUGE; this is the one I have been waiting for, get in ext am hrs.

Bonus: add this to the 4-OTC Chinese Horseman

(ETLY) - will be a big gainer tomorrow

* more picks for Tues on the charts at the right

* I am working on some option picks as requested

After the Bell...1/14/2008

  • (SHLD) - an alert given today at 10:00am @ $86.50; hit target goal and ran up to +5.65% at close
  • (COIN) - a buy given on Fri. results page; hit a high of +62.53% , closed up 41.38%
  • (AUY) - given today as the "weeks buy & hold til Fri" , alert given when it was already at the area of its 16.98 (+3.54%) in which was mostly ahead in ext. morn. hrs.; this is a hold until Fri
  • on the side charts; 1 bear had no change at close but the 3 bulls all finished higher including (GAX) +26.51% *** Remember even though most of charted stocks are winners, I do not include them in my record:
  • 39 Winners * 2 Losers to date

"The 4-Chinese Horseman of the OTC" all up today, spec long-term plays given as a buy last Thurs; here are the 3 day gains:

  1. (CNUV) +12.50%
  2. (CNOA) + 8.21%
  3. (LWLL) +15.79%
  4. (CYTV) + 50%

Updates; and a buy now - sell Fri

* 2hrs ago alerted to buy (SHLD) and look for 2.5%, we gained 5.21% from post already!
* On Fri results post, recommended a buy today (COIN) and said to look for 20%+ gains;
well now at 12:00, we are sitting up 52%, with a high of +60% so far!
* As I have started doing, a pick to buy on Mon. and sell before close on Fri;
the pick is... (AUY) gold, need I say more???

Mon 1/14/08

Nothing today to rave about as I have been working on my new .com;
you will still be able to use this address as you will automatically be forwarded to
it will be up within a week or so
at the open (SHLD) took a huge hit, it is sitting now at 86.50 as I am typing this, I do not give big co as picks often but to give you something to take a look at;
get in under 87, you should be then able to pull a 2.5% gain out of it today
** I am working on a few good looking picks for Tues.
** they will be posted this evening!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

After the Bell...Fri. 1/11/2008

Results for Fri. picks:

  • 3 - hit the target
  • (AIRN) - a short with days high +16%
  • (PPDI) - long, ran through target to +3.60%
  • (GOT) - short, hit target 9:31-9:40 before changing direction
  • 1 - stopped out
  • (GAX) - long position, sell stop executed (3%)

Results for the 2-Bonus picks:

  • (ARCC) - short alert posted mid-day Thurs; hit no sell or stop, it will be carried into Mon
  • (IDIX) - a long that recommended to sell 1/2 position at a 5% gain; then look for 10% or sell before Fri at close; hit 7% mark mid-day, up 5% into close

*** (COIN) - a nice looking buy for Mon. - look for gains over 20%

Results for Mon. buy, hold, and sell on Fri:

  • (TRMP) - short for a week; Mon, entry point @ open $3.83; gains for the week, depending on time of closing position on Fri, varied from +11.99% - +14.33%

My 4 OTC China Plays; day-2 in the books (updated gains from alert, 1/10/08):

  1. (CNUV) +13%
  2. (CNOA) +6.67%
  3. (LWLL) +5.27%
  4. (CYTV) +39.99%

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hottest Stocks for 1/11/2008

Since starting this blog and giving out picks (12-26-07 ~ 1-10-08);
* I have produced -

  • 32 - Winners (28 hit our target in the same trading session, 2 in two sessions)
  • 1 - Losers (they dropped to my sell stop limit)
  • 0 - Carrying over from today into Fri. (did not hit either limit)THIS DID HIT!(corrected)
  • (TRMP) - my shorted stock that I gave out for Mon 1/7 (entry @ $3.83) and directed to hold and cover sometime before closing bell tomorrow, Fri. ; at today's close, we have a 4-day gain of 11.99% , and it was as high as +19.37%

I am excited on the plays that I spent many hours on to keep with the kind of daily returns my stocks have consistantly been producing, but I have chills with what I uncovered here...

two - Red Hot Bulls:

  1. (PPDI) - it just burned my screen its so damn Hot (I am the only one that knows it, well until now)
  2. (GAX) - even though it had a gain of over 20% today, it still has room to run up enough for what we are looking for

two - Red Hot Bears:

  1. (AIRN) - short sell pre-market/at open
  2. (GOT) - same as above; also, both show that the trend is lower as the MACD is below both the signal line along with the 9-day moving average

* As you may know by now how I update the Bull/Bear charts on the sidebar at the right side of this page with a continuing list of the day's attractive picks; there are some nice oppertunities on the bear chart as the bulls were slim pickings (I would love to give you a choice of ten each day, but I am not going to list something that I feel is not in the best position for a trade at any specific time)

NOTICE: I am placing to more that I am now adding to post (in the wee morning hrs on Fri);

  • (ARCC) - this is a short play that I put a middle Thurs. afternoon alert on;
  • it did rise slightly before bell, so it is still a prospective trade to also plug in my simple, yet effective system today in a.m. extended hrs; look to cover with our limit target which should execute after your mid-day nap
  • (IDIX) - everyone likes a good spec. stock play, esp. on a Fri; in the mist football playoff season, gambling is in the air so with this one up 50% so far this week including 24% yesterday alone; closed at its high so throw a couple dimes on this and don't be too greedy, because of circumstance and it is not a reg type pick, I would look to close 1/2 position at a +5% gain and milk another 3%-5% addl' to close it out; get out of this before the bell, as a winner or loser.

* NOTE: with the Winner/Loser record that I keep you up to date with, I only include my stock picks that I post (my best of best) - charts are also hot plays but it is senseless to pick 20 stocks/day. I spend alot of time weeding 40 top to 20 top stocks; then to get the top 3-6 to post with my reputation on the line daily is alot of reaserch and at least 4+ hours nightly so I can bring this to you, this is what I enjoy. This is not my job as I own a Interior Design Showroom & Workroom. Even worse yet, I was a very successful day-trader since I was 25, now I am 30. I turned $25,000 into $345,000 (note: with $25,000 cash, you can day-trade on margin $100,000) in just under 3 years, that is my Viper, also bought a new Maxum 2900 Sport Yacht (I'll post some pics) plus a couple of Harleys, a Jag for the wife. This was done using the same system applied here. I used to trade from my van in between estimates or installation with a wireless card. I won a bid for a very large building in Center City, Philadelphia to do all the draperies and furnishings. A total projected sale of $325,000, yes I receive a partial deposit and as I have done other major jobs like this for them, I am a little guy with 95% residential work- anyway, in order for me to pull a half decent profit, I had to purchase all materials at one time (saving me 40% more than if ordered in phases. Well I had my people manufactoring the draperies 12hrs/ day... simply put, yep, "trump" wannabee followed in his footsteps , bankrupt, squashing the little co. including me . I have two girls and a wife to support, this happened in Feb '07, Harley went out the door by the end of that month, Viper sold for peanuts, just finally sold the thing that I had my eye on as a goal for 10 years, the Sport Cruiser that cost me well over $100,000, it was 8 months old with 12 hrs on the twin mercs, sold on Ebay to a guy who traveled from Australia to Philly to pick up his deal of a lifetime at $58,000. O-yea the Jag. repo

I still live in a townhouse that I purchased with my then soon-to-be-wife 10 years ago (yes I was 20, and she was 24 and she had a 4 year old at the time whom I adopted a year later)

I am not writting this for people to think I am bragging; or thast I want simpathy; I want you to understand why I take 4 hours a night after the family is in bed to do this - this is what I love and I was good doing it from when I was 18/19 (did not day-trade until 23, 25 successfully)

Until I get back in track financially, I am trading a few thousand here and there, so there is no emotion in these picks; I am not like 99.9% of these bulk email guys running up $$, so they can short; I do it because it is my passion, and I take pride doing this. I love to get a message from a college kid excited about investing; remember nothing is a guarrenty, could be great , but not perfect. Thankyou for listening to my rambling but I wanted members to know where I am coming from and what intensions I have.

I love it !!! Nick Darpino

After the Bell...Thurs.1/10/2008

I will start with those bonus picks I gave:
  • (PURO) - the speculative pick that was for today and as it did not sell off at all; I stated to hold and sell your position on Fri. before close
  • closed at the day's high of 10.96%
  • (CNUV) - this and next 3 are the OTC China Hot Spec. Picks
  • cnuv closed up 4.17%, with an intraday high of +8.34%
  • (CNOA) - closed at day's high +5.64%
  • (LWLL) - also closed at a high +5%
  • (CYTV) - closed up 10% with a high of +15%

(PURO) was the only one I have recommended as a short term trade (1-2 days)

The 4 China plays are up HUGE; these were picked as a speculative equity to buy some shares with money you won't miss (if there is such thing)

With them either closing at or near the days high, they will still run...

  • (TRMP) - entered Mon as a short $3.83; instructed to sell before close tomorrow, Fri
  • hit a 4-day gain of 19.33%; at close we are up 11.99%
  • (SDS) - carried over from yesterday hit our goal at 9:42am before dropping like a lead weight
  • (TNE) - hit the target and kept on running to +6.22%
  • (BZH) - ran to our goal and touched the 2.89% mark, then took off the other way to help the bulls get there target also
  • (SYT) - yes there was 1 that hit the 3% sell stop
  • (LAMR) - a short that came close to the target but stopped at +2%; but it did not hit the sell stop as the days low (or bulls gain) was @ 1.9%; this will be carried into tomorrow
  • CORRECTION TO (LAMR) , IT DROPPED PAST GOAL w/ addl' .75% more -3.26%!
  • this was a winner to! another perfect day with 11 picks all hitting
  • Not counting 5 OTC all with HUGE gains

To wrap it up ~

  • 11 Winners !
  • 0 Stopped out
  • 1 is carried into tomorrow

TRADE ALERT * Short Sell Now !!!

Why, because I said.
(ARCC) - is on the Bear board, but I recommend shorting this NOW;
* It is at the 13.50 range +/-
* Get in above 13.25, and grab the 2.5% that we want, as a safety, always apply a 3% stop
***** Update- I entered @ $13.48; I have limit to cover @ $13.10 which will give me just under 3% (looking to hit exit pt before close, if not, will carry into Fri as I see a little more downside)

Time to Play Games

FROGGER is on my Blogger!
scroll all the way down and play the game!

Look at my Personal Shorts (Jan.'08)

  • Here is my portfolio of all shorted stocks as of today; with all positions were opened between today and 2 weeks ago
  • Don't believe? Send me your email which will only be used to send you an invitation to a free stock trading community with an invitation to my group were all of these stocks are there plus see my trades as they happen
  • You will also get a virtual portfolio to manage and each month that you beat the S&P, you will receive real $ via paypal; Also, there are many other ways to win $$$
  • These are all of my current holdings @ close today:
  1. (DEEP) +26.07%
  2. (EEE) +25.25%
  3. (ETM) + 8.81%
  4. (EXAR) +10.87%
  5. (FIG) + 6.75%
  6. (GGC) +35.51%
  7. (TRMP) +12.53%

* using my Dec (when started 12/1/08) to date, at current rate, including all trades both good and bad, annuallized return for a year is figured to be +91%, not bad.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BONUS ~ Chinese, OTCs, and Water Purities

* These are some "little guys" you should watch because they are growing up fast;
the following are not my "Daily Stock Picks" but I thought I would share them with you-
* Let's start with the water purifier co.
(PURO)otcbb - Purio operates to provide practical solutions to the growing global water crisis. With the technology in place Purio has positioned itself to substantially benefit from the growing world water market. Globally the water market is an estimated $400 billion dollars with indications that it will continue to grow in the long term. The industry supported by this water crisis is expected to grow exponentially in countries such as China and India specifically, because of their naturally high population, and higher then average pollution. Best of all, this "easy" set-up system can be cost-effectively run on solar power without any decrease in productivity.
IF YOU HAVE ANY EXTRA CASH IN YOUR PORTFOLIO FOR SPECULATIVE STOCKS, BUY THIS AT THE OPEN ON THURS 1/10/08 - this is another one I am throwing out there strictly on hype; if you do buy it, just keep an eye on it; this should be a nice end-of-week money-maker (if you go long on this in morning and there is not a significant sell-off, I would take it into Fri. but have it sold before the weekend bell) then go treat yourself to a surf-and-turf feast.
* Let's stay with the solar theme and toss in the "Chinese";
(CNUV).OB - China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc.
I am giving you this as a nice long-term speculative pick, do the research on this up and coming equity as it has 2 of the best qualities a stock could have these days, that would guessed it...1) a Chinese...2) Solar Co.
* I really spoiling you guys today, here are 3 more long-term OTC Chinese spec stocks:
(CNOA.OB) - China Organic Agriculture, Inc.
(LWLL.OB) - Linkwell Corp.
(CYTV.OB) - China YouTV Corp.

Picks for Thurs.1/10/2008

2 - longs:
(TNE) - remember, stick with 2.5%/3% method descibed above on every play
(SYT) - always buy @open, or pre-market and place your limits at that time
2 - shorts:
(LAMR) - shorted stocks work the same way except backwards. lol !
(BZH) - subscribe to this site using the email box on top, right side of page
exsisting holding:
(TRMP) - Mon. morning's short pick that I gave a hold then cover on Fri;
at the close of day 3, we racked up gains of 14.3% with an intraday high of 25.58%
(SDS) - is a long that is carried over from yesterday; hit a high of +1.7%, with a low of -2.7%;
using my system, it just missed both a 2.5% gain or the 3% sell stop
* not enough picks for the day? see the Bull & Bear charts to see my top 10 for the day in running order (located on the right side of this page)
* take a minute and check out my other post to see my perforance;
* also all comments are welcome and apprieciated
* last but not least, if you enjoy this blog, please give me a minute of your time and use the button to the right and vote for my blog as I have been nominated for Best Business Blog
* Thankyou for visiting and return daily for the best plays of the day, everyday

After the Bell; Wed.1/9/2008

I will start off with Monday's short and cover this Friday;
(TRMP) - with an entry point of $3.83, after the 3rd trading day, we are up 14.3% with the high gain of the day hitting a whopping 25.58%!
(BRP) - down 1% at the day's low;
the goal was hit near the day's end with the high hitting 5.32%
(SDS) - as 1.7% was the high point and 2.7% was the worst spot it hit today;
we are carrying (SDS) into Thurs using same numbers
(EAT) - before it's downfall(or before went into green), we also cashed out on this shorted play;
our 2.5% goal was hit as it fell 2.65% before gaining momentum
(BSC) - it was bound to happen, my first stock that stopped out with the 3% rule;
it tried to get there as the high was a close 2%
* 2 picks today hit the goal;
* 1 is still in our portfolio
* 1 sold at the 3% mark (first time my play sold with a loss since starting this site)
***** I encourage critisism but I have receive a number of nasty emails along with a few rating todays posts with 1 star, but remember these are my picks and I have been perfect until today, even today we came out ahead as 2 sold at a gain, 1 still own and the 1 sell stop was executed;
this is a free site and I never ask for a dime even though alot of time is dedicated to it;
show me another site, free or pay, with performance like this;
I am not whining, but I started this because I enjoy it, not to get the type of emails that I have received

Pick for Wed. 1/9/2008

Remember, plug all picks using my system above
(the goal is to gain 2.5% before it stops out at 3%) :
(BRP) - long
(SDS) - long
(EAT) - short
(BSC) - short
* As always, see the Bull/Bear charts on the right for additional picks
* They are updated daily before I post my day's top stocks

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Am Very Exited! Another Perfect Day! 1/9/08

After bell on Tues...
there were picks that carried into today so here are results from Mon
(DDR) - a buy on Mon, hit our mark(Mon) a high of 4% on Mon
(AZZ) - a buy on Mon, I had noted that it may be Tues to hit our 2.5% mark;
Tues it hit, day's high - 2.8%
(TRMP) - a short play that is a hold until Fri; update - we are up 7.9% so far
(GFRE) - a fun one a gave on Mon, told you it would rise then fall (look at Mon post); it rose 8%, it fell 8%
Tues results... hit our mark on all 3
(BRP) - a day's high of 6.9% with no downside from open
(OPTM) - the high here was 7.8%
(XNL) - my shorted play had no upside from open; at the day's low, the gains hit 49.35%
* remember, following my system stated at top of page, all stocks to date had hit our goal included the 1 stock that that lost 1% on the day sold the next trading day without stopping out!!
* I will get the morning picks out soon; in the meantime, you can do your research on tomorrows top picks listed on the charts at the left of the page

Monday, January 7, 2008

Picks ~ Tues. 1/08/2008

I will stick to 3 picks-a-day;
works best with a simple day-trading system that I have developed;
listed the 3 easy to follow rules above as I worked on many along with backtests, etc...
it is what works for me, thought I would share "The Darpino Daily-Trade System"
the picks...
(BRP) - long at open; limit sell order for +2.5%
(OPTM) - long...
(XNL) - short ...

Bull/Bear charts on right side also updated w/ addl' plays for Tues

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Picks for Mon, Jan. 7, 2008

Ready for another Huge week...
* Also, look at the Bull/Bear charts on left of page;
* I always update those daily; if they are posted, then I highly recommend;
* daily posts here are my "best of the best" picks for the day
(DDR) short @ open; shoot for 3%
(TRMP) short; let it drop until Fri. 1/11/08, cover before close
(AZZ) buy at open; if no signs of slowing, hold until Tues
(BRLC) ~ (AKNS) ~ (SOLF) are still very attractive
(GFRE) ~ even though this small-cap co. had a revenue increase upwards of 60% for the first 3 quarters reported in 2007, this play (like Friday's +59% pick) will ride the roller coaster of hype (at least for tomorrow.) There is no-doubt in my mind that you will see a intra-day gain of at least 30%-50%. Unlike Fri where I demanded you to buy at the open, I have a different game plan for this;
It is OTC so there will be no extended morning hrs trading, considering the outstanding shares and my guess is that it will shoot up right outta the gate when the bell rings - it is a Chinese co (expect anything else) so I am 99% sure that oversea investors have been placing orders all weekend long...
It'll open @ $2.65, then pass it's 52 week high of $3.00...
when it closes in @ the $3.25 mark...SHORT SELL it!!...
if it still rises past +30%... add, add, add to your position
(with this type of un-stable equity, never go all-in with first purchase)
it may take 3-5days, but it'll be worth at least 25% to you.

The Performance of Every Pick to Date ~

(CPST) +16.89% * one day
(CC) short + 6.71% * one day
(JASO) + .70% * one day
(CJGH) +35.00% * one day, hold
(IMM) short +33.34% * one day
(DEEP)short + 8.54% * one day, hold
(CJGH)sell +88.41% * three day
(DO) + 2.74% * one day
(CHINA) -(1.62%) * one day (only loss)
(JADE) +64.84% * one day
(DEEP)sell +50.90% * four day
(BDGR) +58.97% * one day
Do have your attention yet?
10 Stocks, 1 week, and a total 323% Gain !!!
Average Daily Gain ~ 46.14% , since inception !

Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to Apply the Picks; " Darpino Daytrading System "

All of my posted recommendations are intended to be used in the following system that I have developed;
(remember, the goal here is a daily gain of 2% after commissions)
1) place limit order for 2.5% gain
2) place a sell stop for a 3% loss
3) my method works best with 3 or more equities purchased daily @open or get in ext. AM session if you feel price is at a good level to execute order early
stocks and the trading system mentioned above are the sole decision of me, Nick Darpino, and before investing, all research should be done by you, the investor, before opening a position
I do not personally own or have an interest in any stock mentioned here unless stated next to ticker symbol

Friday, January 4, 2008


(BDGR) ~ todays play, closed at the day's high;
* gives us a gain of 58.97%
* OTC stock, so no afterhours, I gave this to you last night, and I came through again
* this was for today only, I am not recommending a buy or hold on this come Mon.

Over 50% Gain; still rising!!

(BDGR) - my HUGE play for today, is up over 50% from open and still 30mins until markets closing for the week.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

THIS IS HUGE ~ Fri Jan. 3rd Play

This is HUGE; I mean HUGE;
(BDGR)otc - it'll print $$$ tomorrow!
Thank Me in the Morning!