Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another HUGE & PERFECT Day !!!

Start with the Equities:
  • (ITNS) - the one I gave as a long play; the one that I give you once a week that has always performed with 20%+ gains as my HUGE play of the week; Well no let down here, opened at .15 but if you bought today as I recommended, you would have executed at .13 as right after open it dropped immediatly to .13 then rose to .17 which was a intraday high of +30.77% ; it stayed at that level for a while and then slowly dropped in which you had plenty of time to sell of an collect the gains as this was not a reg. "system played" stock; closed up 7.69% for the day!
  • (RATE) - my long pick today, opened @ $52.77 and rose to a gain of +6.20%
  • (CRME)- my shorted play of the day opened at $6.54 and stumbled down to $6.15 which was a days high gain of +6.53% which also surpassed our targets

Now the Options...

  • +QXOCH - gave out a couple days ago when the entry was .15; no change today as it sits up +33.34% @ .20; recommend: still a buy to .25 as of this evening
  • +GMFE - an option that I gave to open a call position this morning; this now sits up +5.27% and the bid/ask at the close puts my pick up over 10% in the first day of this position

Another Perfect Game Picked Today! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you at the top!

62 Winners with 7 losers since launching site just over a month ago! oh yeah ~ this does not include my 3 option plays that are currently up Huge or my 5 Chinese Spec. Stocks that are also doing well

Since the last day that a loser emerged, I have banged out 16 Platinum Picks in a row

WAMU is still out there but showing signs of struggle (I am not God)

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