Monday, December 31, 2007

Outta '07 with a BANG!

What more can you, or I, ask for? Since starting this blog, even though only about a weeks worth of market trading days in a mixed market, I have pulled of giving you a stock with the days gain of over 30%. Todays pick (JADE) ended up 64.34% !


(CJGH) - going into the 3rd day, up just under 80%;
* as stated to place a sell stop that you were comfortable with as a new a sell-off would happen eventually
* today was when it happened, after hitting a 3 day high, with gains at 95%
(CHINA) - it was down from the open (1.62%) O.K. even I am not 100% perfect, maybe 98%
* this is still a buy as 2008 will be good to this oversea co.

and here it is...
(JADE) - simple put;
* today I gave you this as a buy
* today it had a days gain of...
+ 64.84%

Notice: I will not be back until next year, sorry. lol

Picks for Mon, 12/31/2007

Many will predict that today's trading will be a slow, boring trading day;
Some will predict a sell-off for that tax right-off...
I have 3 plays that will have you watching fireworks during the day...

(CJGH) ~ I placed a buy at $2.76 two trading days ago;
* now @ $4.95 and a gain of 79.35%, I am suggesting...
* put a sell limit @ $5.52, a 3-day - 100% Gain!!!

(JADE) ~ After announcing a beautiful, money making quarter;
* buy @ open, shoot for a 2.50-5% gain, then sell

(CHINA) ~ I actually have been a strong bear on this past month and have done well;
* that was 2007, let's change our feelings on this one, not because it's your New Years Resolution;
* I'll let you in on a little secret, insiders have been quitely buying up this equity for the past year, up until yesterday (shh - and paying well over current price)
* think they know something at their overseas location, or just supporting the board with donations?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Fri @ Market Close; more huge gains

(CJGH) - a buy @ $2.76 on Wed morning;
~ closed today @ $5.20, a gain of 88.41%
~ hit an interday high of $5.70 (this is a gain of 107%)
~ up after hours so hold, until a sell-off
(DO) - today's pick
~ opened @ $142.29 (9:32am)
~ a day high of $146.19 (11:30am) gain of 2.74%
~ remember the goal is to set sell limits of a 2% gain
(DEEP) - mornings short
~ opened @ $5.72
~ closed @ $5.27; a gain of 8.54%

This was a short market week; with HUGE GAINS!!!

Fri. Picks; After a Huge 2 Day Start!

Plain and simple for Friday;
Today's Bull Play:
~ (DO) attractive after a 4.5% pullback
Today's Bear Play:
~ (DEEP)
3rd Day for my Hype Play:
~ (CJGH) 2 day gain just under 80%

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2nd Day on Record is Record Breaking!!!

(CJGH) ~ gave you a buy on Wed @ market open
(stated hold until sell-off begins)
~ opened @ $2.76; closed @ $3.74
~ Wed. gain of 35.51%
~ Thurs. opened @ $3.74; closed at $4.95 (hit a high of $5.20)
~ Thurs. gain of 32.36%
~ A TWO DAY GAIN OF 79.35%
~ again, hold this until a significant sell-off begins

(CPST) ~ Wed. morning buy
~ stated to hold, we had a gain of 17% at close
~ Thurs. gave you a sell stop of $1.70
~ that gave us a gain of 10%

(IMM) ~ Thurs. morn short sell stock at open
~ sold short @ $2.88 at market open
~ stated to cover before market close, at 3:59pm stock closed @ $2.16
~ this gave us a one day gain of 33.34%

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

THURS. 12/27 - PICKS

(JASO) is in portfolio from yesterday; place a sell limit @ $75.99
~ this will get you your 2%

(IMM) - short sell @ open; apprx. $2.88
~ before market closes; buy to cover

(CPST) - my speculative play from yesterday morning;
~ we are up almost 17% -in one day
~ watch this one, you may want to put a sell stop on this one; I recommend that you want to take at least 10%, a sell stop for 10% would be $1.70; after hrs. closed @ $1.80!
~ this is a play that may just be at the start of a beautiful run!

(CJGH) - 35% gain testerday; hold it until it starts to selloff!!!



(CPST) - My buy and hold speculative play;
* instructed you to buy at open which ended up at $1.54
* closed at $1.77, after hours bounced to $1.80

~~~ A DAYS GAIN ON THIS PICK 16.89% ~~~

(CC) - My short sell pick;
* instructed you to short at open which was $4.93
* instructed to cover @ $4.75, it even fell down to $4.62


(JASO) - The "unknown" solar equity;
* instructed a limit buy order @ $74.00
* with a limit sell @ $76.00 to give a gain of 2.71%
* opened @ $76.35; day low $73.23/day high $76.50
* a swing of 4.47%
* you opened a position @ $74.50
* closed @ $75.02

~~~ AT CLOSE, THE GAIN IS 0.7% ~~~

OTC (CJGH) had over 35% gain, watch this one carefully

Soar with Solar

As stated, I am scheduled to run with full force begining day 1, 2008. The blog is up so why not have some fun here?

(JASO) ~ JA Solar does not warm to the idea that all clouds have a silver lining. The company manufactures solar cells designed to be incorporated into photovoltaic modules and conversion systems. The company sells its components directly to manufacturers, primarily in China. Customers include Shanghai Huinong, Ningjin Sun New Energy, and Canadian Solar. Chairman Baofang Jin owns nearly one-third of JA Solar. Jin is also part owner and director of the company's primary supplier of silicon wafers, Jinglong Group. Like many other manufacturers of silicon-based solar cells, JA Solar must contend with a worldwide shortage in polysilicon, the raw material that goes into making silicon wafers.
I personally have been trading daily this "Chinese Treasure" that I stumbled upon on Oct. 22, 2007 when I purchased my first shares @ an even $50. Now at $75.43, I cann't complain about this unknown equity. Remember my goal with my personal broker accounts as well as this blog is a daily 2% gain. In no way am I saying this is an easy feat at all, but with a play like this, it doesn't hurt. (JASO) has a daily swing of at least 2.5%-10% or more consistanly! I am not only a bull investor, but in order to achieve what my goal is - you have to be willing to be short, sometimes more often than not. I have been watching and trading this one every day about 75% of the time, sometimes 4 trades in a day as you will see, often (JASO) will rise 3%, drop 4%, then rise 7% in one day. This is the only equity that I have found to be able to comfortably buy long, sell, sell short, buy to cover, then buy long again, yes in 5hours time and collecting 3% a pop!
Lets take our first trade easy and-
buy (JASO) limit order @ $74.00, and sell @ $76.00, this will get you 2.5% less comm.
* Remember the target is 2% daily

A 2nd play that is interesting after a uncalled for 4%+ run up in the stock. Even though (CC) circuit city is up off of the chains all-time lows, another jump in this equity is just not on the horizon. Short (CC) at the open $4.95, look to cover at 4.75, you should receive the 4% gain if not by the days end, it'll come in Thurs.

A speculative play, as a gambling man - I love these, this is one to buy at open:
(CPST) will open around $1.55

A OTC (CJGH) there is over-hyping on this so it will sky-rocket, if you do get in, watch it and if it starts to fall, sell, sell, sell ; its all hype with no good reasoning.

These are the sole-opinion of me, Nick Darpino, and any investment should be looked into before making a trade. (I have to write this )lol

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Must for All Webmasters

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then you put a text link or a banner that they give you, or both- thats all. Take a look - this is amazing, I am not selling nothing - take a minute to check it out. This is how those guys get 500,000 pg views/month!

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Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 23, 2007

$10,000, 1 YEAR, & 2% = $1,400,000.00

* Open a broker account with a starting portfolio value of $10,000
* Return to this blog pre-market opening and get the plays for the day
* Place the trades for the day using limits that will be stated here
* The goal is to have a daily gain of 2% (of your portfolio value)
* In less than one year, your portfolio will have a value well over $1,0o0,oO0.oO
* Thank me and request the address were you can send me your generous donations
* Read above; how to apply these picks with a system that I have developed which simply sets limits that include a 2.5% gain (gets you 2% plus covers expenses, commisions, etc...) - and a sell stop limit of a 3% loss