Friday, June 27, 2008

A Huge Day! LooK @ the Stock and Option Updates

June 27, 2008: (here are the picks for those of you who did not jump off of a building today)

    • (AUY) ~ a long, yes I said long Surprised buy; system; A Winner as the days high hit +6.11% and closed up over 6% ; the (AUY) +AUYGC July 15 Call - option play that I posted at this site a few weeks back closed up +146.67% from when recommended!

    • +OAQTK (APOL) August 55 Put
      • closed @ 9.00 today; open a position at the markets open; no change, see below

Here is a "copy" & "paste" from todays plays at the new, options site: (all 3 were puts and the results are posted in purple)

June 27, 2008:

  • +OAQTK (APOL) August 55 Put; closed @ 9.00; closed @ 9.00, no change today
  • +QEPSU (ISLE) July 7.50 Put; closed @ 1.75, enter at/below 1.80; opened @ 1.75 and closed today with a gain of +40%
  • +CCLSG (CCL) July 35 Put; closed @ 2.00, enter up to 2.10; todays gain from the open to the close was +45%

Since launch of the options site, there have been 3 other put recommendations. The update on these plays:

  1. posted June 20 (CPF) July 15 Put; on June 27, gains of +20.59%
  2. posted June 24 (AAPL) July 175; on June 27, gains of +31.55%
  3. posted June 20 (CINF) Sept 30; on June 27, gains of +107.70%


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best Bears in my Portfolio - shorted stocks

Here is a portfolio that I started about 5 weeks ago and I have to follow the guidelines of hedge/mutual fund managers and stay compliant. My first month, I have beat the S&P by apprx +25% !!! Bears never looked so good, take a look at these gains (all within the last few weeks) They are looking for the top "joe-smoe" investors in the world; plus they use the the top virtual-investment ports to take the trades and apply them into their own real mutual fund. After my first month, I am currently topping a few thousand others! **NOTE- the 3 with the lowest returns were purchased today

In order to be eligible for rankings, you must follow the same diversification rules that real-world fund managers must face. We require that you meet these rules for a majority (51%) of a given quarter in order to be compliant — so we‘ve designed this report to help you keep track of your current compliance statistics, as well as your historical compliance and ranking eligibility.

Because your maximum short value represents a 2:1 leverage in comparison to a long fund, the percentages below are calculated as if your maximum short position represented 200% of your position value. There are a few simple rules to remaining compliant:

  1. You cannot short a stock so that it will increase a short position to over 25% of your portfolio‘s short value. If you violate this rule, your fund's effective inception date will be reset to the date that you bring the fund back into compliance with all compliance rules (not just the 25% rule).
  2. No position may represent more then 10% of your fund. If a short position represents more then 10% of your fund value your fund will be out of compliance until you cover enough of the position to bring it below the threshold. (However, your inception date will not be reset.)
  3. Your short investments must total at least 65% of your fund value. For example, if your fund starts out with $1,000,000 in cash, you must have $650,000 in short positions to be compliant.
  4. You may not have negative excess margin for more than 7 days per quarter. If you have gotten a margin call because your excess margin has disappeared, then you have violated this rule for one day. Each new day that you have negative excess margin adds to that total.
While these rules can be challenging, except for the first rule, you need not meet all these rules on all days. See the table below for details.

left curve compliance report card right curve

Rule: Period: Today
  • You cannot purchase stock such that it will increase a position more than 25% of your portfolio.
Always Pass
  • No one stock can exceed 10% of your portfolio assets.
Majority of Quarter Pass
  • You must be at least 65% invested.
Majority of Quarter Pass
  • Excessive margin.
7 days/Quarter Pass

left curve current compliance - details right curve

To understand why you are or are not compliant currently, review each of the rules in more detail below

Rule #3 says that you must be 65% short. The table below shows you your status with regards to this 65% rule:

Your Current Fund Value $1,272,372.55
Your Current Short Value $967,681.93
Your Short Percentage 76%

Rule #2 says that no position must represent more then 10% of your fund value:

Symbol Price Shares Value Current Return Portion of Fund
CTX $14.22 -6,000 -$85,320.00 12.90% 6.71% Details
AAPL $168.26 -500 -$84,130.00 0.28% 6.61% Details
AVTR $31.21 -2,600 -$81,146.00 10.14% 6.38% Details
CRZ $4.41 -18,000 -$79,380.00 23.03% 6.24% Details
CNA $26.06 -3,000 -$78,180.00 4.16% 6.14% Details
BYD $12.72 -6,000 -$76,320.00 21.29% 6.00% Details
MCGC $4.20 -18,000 -$75,600.00 26.15% 5.94% Details
SOHU $68.04 -1,000 -$68,040.00 5.22% 5.35% Details
LAVA $6.72 -10,000 -$67,200.00 -0.05% 5.28% Details
AIG $28.09 -2,200 -$61,798.00 28.58% 4.86% Details
LCAV $5.13 -10,000 -$51,300.00 47.31% 4.03% Details
MBI $4.39 -10,000 -$43,900.00 44.92% 3.45% Details
BCS $24.19 -1,500 -$36,285.00 22.19% 2.85% Details
IBCP $4.11 -6,797 -$27,935.67 28.03% 2.20% Details
APOL $47.40 -500 -$23,700.00 5.10% 1.86% Details
ATE $21.65 -673 -$14,569.84 16.23% 1.15% Details
CTBK $8.66 -1,487 -$12,877.42 -1.41% 1.01% Details

Finally, Rule #4 says that you may not have more than 7 days per quarter with negative excess margin. The table below tells you your status with regards to that rule:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Stock Pick for June 26 2008 - options too!

Here are the results from Wed plays along with a free pick for Thurs

June 25, 2008:

  • (ACTG) ~ sell short, system; if you followed "guidelines" - this never started to drop as I was way off on this trade Foot in mouth unless you placed this order to initiate at open (I know everyone cann't watch the prices at/after the open) - it steadily climbed all day, so you never saw an oppertunity to sell short as it gained +8.53% ; if you did place the order for the open, it was a loser at the 3% stop limit; in the future, I am currently working on entry points for those of you that cann't watch the ticker at the bell. **Note- when daytrading, you really should be able to have access to your online broker and some time during the trading session to monitor your trades. Also, all of the results that I post from my recommendations are if you entered at the open and used system; it'll work that way but if you can pick and choose when you enter it just adds more odds in your favor!
  • (CPF) ~ sell short at/above 11.00, use system; again, depending on your entry but... this was given out today in the Live Trading Room @ 10:15 to sell short @ 12.10 (also was emailed out to all members & subscribers as a trade alert also at 10:15) - A Winner as it then hit a low of 11.28 making the days high gains of +7.27%
  • (NWPX) ~ buy long, system; A Winner! high of +2.91%
  • (WAB) ~ buy long, system; A Winner! high of +3.29%


June 26, 2008: (upgrade to gain access to all the top picks)

  • (TELOZ) ~ bull, system play; this equity has no "quit" in sight- take a look...

The price of oil will never go down even if the dollar recovers ground. The question is will the proven reserves within the TELOZ trust continue paying out $0.60 a share? For the time being, and with the Atlantic exploitations they currently operate, beating the S&P over the next couple years shouldn't be a problem.

Tel Offshore is up an unbelievable 300% over the last year

  • (-----) ~ a long, system play
  • (-----) ~ a long, system play
  • (----) ~ sell short at/above 10.65; if this doesn't trigger before 12noon, sell short at noon if (----) is at least above 10.50, if not, then disregard the trade today. If it does trigger, use system
  • (-----) ~ is carried over into Thursday using an entry at the 19.50 area
  • I found a great Option Call using (------) that can be found where I post the top Option Trades, daily!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Stock and Option Picks - June 24, 2008

Before I get to Tues, June 24th picks, take a look at the results from the new site - here are the plays from last Thursday & Friday

The change in price for the initial trading day (first day) is found after the recommendation in purple

The results at todays close, Monday June 23rd (only 1-2 extra trading days later), is posted after the picks in orange

June 18:

  • +MEEJP (MEE) Oct 80 Call; closed @ 16.00
    • +20% gain today @ 19.20; 22.30 +39.38%
  • +WORIX (WOR) Sept 22.50 Call; closed @ 1.60
    • +6.25% gain today @ 1.70; 2.05 +28.13%
  • +GPYGS (GS) July 195 Call; now its on sale as it closed @ 2.25; I would see what you can open a position here at
    • +24% (with 2.25 entry) to 39.50% (as immediately dropped before running the rest of the day) closed @ 2.79 today; down -39% from initial recommendation

Mid-Day Trade Alert:

(this was emailed to members @ 11:30am on the 18th)

TRADE ALERT - posted June 18 @ 11:30am

+AGUGC (AGU) July 115 Call

Currently @ 4.30 after taking a big hit this morning; enter when levels off or any sign of upward momentum; look for a 25% gain before closing this position; we hit the 25% mark and closed today, Monday June 23rd, up +23.26%!!!


June 20th:

  • +MVQGN (XME) July 92 Call; closed @ 5.10 with the bid/ask currently @ 4.90/5.40; opened @ 4.80 closed @ 4.60 ; 4.90/5.40 ~ I still like this play as the "coals" in this sector are still "burning hot"; up +5.89%
    • (XME) ~ I highly recommend this as a longer term play- this refers to the option above & below
      • SPDR Metals & Mining ETF made up of all of the hottest equities going! Over 1/3 of the portfolio is made up of coal co. stocks, followed by iron/steel stocks, and it's topped off with holdings in the metal & mining fabrication field. This ETF has been rollin' as it looks like it'll never run out of "steam" Wink
  • +MVQIV (XME) Sept 100 Call; bid/ask at the close 5.10/5.60; no change; no change
  • +QXIUF (CINF) Sept 30 Put; 2.60/3.20 @ close, enter to 3.75; no change here at Fridays close; after second day +92.31%
  • +CPFSC (CPF) July 15 Put; last bid/ask 3.40/3.90; closed slightly higher with gains reaching near +10% on the first day of this play; after second day +32.36%

2-Days, 8 Plays-

6-higher, 1-lower, 1-unchanged

+184% * Average Two-Day Trade Average= +23%



Limited Members- below are some free plays, upgrade to gain access to the 2-Top Trades for Tuesday! You were allowed access for today, Monday June 23rd plays and they were all winners! See results under the link with the correct date posted

Stock Picks June 24, 2008:

  • (-----) - a long, system play
  • (JASO) - an extra pick, buy long and look for a +3%-4% gain; no sell stop
  • (----) - sell short, use system

A Bonus! A Option Play:

  • +APVSO (AAPL) July 175 Put; bid/ask 8.40/8.50
    • open a postion at the bell and look for a +20% gain before closing this trade

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stock Results are again Perfect - July 19 && 20 2008

June 19, 2008:Results are in Purple

  • (CCL) - system play to sell short; if shorted in ext am (the posting was not up until 9:30) then it dropped +3% before running the wrong way which triggered the sell stop @ the 3% loss Frown
  • (FSYS) - system play to buy long; A WINNER as it just passed our +2.50% goal Money mouth
  • (TITN) - system play to buy long; A WINNER if you waited to execute order until the stock turned and started to rise (leveled out) at 9:45 through 1/2pm then ran up to what would have gave you our goal, running up to apprx. 3.5% ; if you opened a position @ the open, your holdings should be sitting up around 2.23% and will be carried into Friday to pull the +2.5% target Wink


June 20, 2008: results @ close in Purple

  • (IBNK) ~ enter at/above 10.50; sell short, system; A WINNER! ...opened above the recommended trigger and hit a days high of +7.25%
  • (FSNM) ~ sell short, system; AWINNER! ...hit a days high of +3.90%
  • (CPF) ~ sell short, system; A WINNER! ...hit a days high of +5.75%
  • (GMR) ~ enter at/below 28.00; buy long, system; A WINNER! ...if entered exactly at the $28 trigger, you saw the target hit as it then ran over an addl' +3.50% ~ if you watched this play before placing an order, you should of allowed it to fully drop before submitting the order and could have aquired it @ 27.20, this then added over an addl' +6.50% today! either way, there was plenty of room with your entry point to later close this position, hitting our target point! Cool
  • (RECN) ~ buy long, system; if you opened a position exactly at the open without seeing if it would quickly move, giving you a better entry price, (unless you do not have internet access at the opening bell, then you should always watch the price movement at open because if you noticed, 90% of the plays that I post usually move significally the other way for the first 15-30mins of trading!) apprx entry at 9:35 - $21.75, then it'll carry over into Mondays trading session. If you followed what I have stated in the past, you would have allowed the equities cost drop until you saw some signs of a turn-around, then you could have hit our goal before the close if you executed the trade around 10:15am, which turned around and later added over +4.25% gains making this A WINNER!
  • (XME) ~ a recommended long-term play (at least a month)
    • SPDR Metals & Mining ETF made up of all of the hottest equities going! Over 1/3 of the portfolio is made up of coal co. stocks, followed by iron/steel stocks, and it's topped off with holdings in the metal & mining fabrication field
    • XME is a long-term trade. You may apply your personal sell stop limit if you wish but I recommend that we hold onto this equity for at least a few weeks before re-visiting and analyzing it again.

$5,000 into $1,500,000.00 ; take a lo0K

This is in reference to my flagship site,
Join Now Free and receive about 10% of the plays; upgrade to a full member and get all of the picks that have been over 90% accurate, year-to-date! Make $$ as an affiliate (join free and become an affiliate) post a link/article on your blog and I will upgrade the first 25 to respond to a full member plus you will make a monthly, passive income!

If you started out with just $5,000 and managed to make only 10% per month investing in stocks, which is way under our average, you could end up with $1.5 Million in just 5 years. I've worked up a chart that shows you just how easily your money can expand if you have it working for you. Our goal here is a 2% Daily gain (plus commissions; we set sell limits at 2.50% to allow for addl' fees) - Start with $10,000 and manage to return a 2%, compounded daily gain, and do it for 1 year, that would also work out to a $1,500,000 portfolio value! Year-to-Date, I have been hitting the target more than 80% of all posted plays (using a low figure, say hit 4 out of every 5 picks; 4 trades that return +2.50% and 1 trade that initiates the 3% stop loss) this will work out to +7% ! Lets say I tank some days or you happen to only buy the "rare" losing trades from the field of choices, but if you enter into one or two of the recommendations/day and only hit a winning trade average of +62.50% (16 Winners & 10 Losers out of 26 trades) *Notice- this is a low average as all of my plays this year have been close to 90% correct. Using the 62.50% average is a good reference point to show you that even if the win/loss ratio is ever that low but is done monthly, you will get the 10% a month needed to accomplish the below reference!

The chart may be hard to see/cut off, visit the main site and see full detail their

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Stock and Options Picks / recommendations


All visiting guests, JOIN NOW, at least as a free-limited member so you will have access to all of the free posted plays! today is the one and only day that I have allowed all visitors access to this page so I can offer you the stock picks in the future, daily & FREE!

Also subscribe to the free newsletter when you go to the link at that site "free picks June 20th" and you receive all mid-day trade alerts along with any announcements from this site only. No Junk Mail - No Spam

disregard these boxes

June 20, 2008: (upgrade to a full membership to gain access and receive all of the greatest picks, daily)

  • (----) ~ enter at/above 10.50; sell short, system
  • (-----) ~ sell short, system
  • (---) ~ sell short, system
  • (----) ~ enter at/below 28.00; buy long, system
  • (-----) ~ buy long, system
  • (XME) ~ a recommended long-term play (at least a month)
    • SPDR Metals & Mining ETF made up of all of the hottest equities going! Over 1/3 of the portfolio is made up of coal co. stocks, followed by iron/steel stocks, and it's topped off with holdings in the metal & mining fabrication field

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17, 2008 Trade Alert

TRADE ALERT (3rd party play)

I have looked this over for appx 4 hour and came up with the following triggers...

(PGOG).ob closed at 2.37

entry point to 2.60 / sell stop 2.15

1st Target= a 10% gain from your entry point

2nd Target= 2.90

Get all of the top picks daily at and

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


... has an important announcment:

June 11, 2008:

  • (MPR) - buy long @ open, use the system
  • (____) - also a bull (system play) if you can enter below 113.00 before 11am
  • (____) - a system play to buy long if it stays below 24.50 in the ext am session or at/after open

(upgrade to a full member and get all of the hottest stock plays, daily)

I have posted an option play @ Www.OptionDaytrades.coM that I am pretty excited about!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dow Jones Stock Contest! Prizes Valued over $2000

Deadline for all entries - Friday June 20, 2008
Prizes -
  1. place = One year, Full Membership to & One Year, Full Membership to
  2. place = One year, Full Membership to
  3. place = One year, Full Membership to
Rules -
  1. add comment here with your prediction of what the Dow Jones will close at on Friday, June 27, 2008 (all entries must be posted before the close on Friday June 20,2008)
  2. for each day ahead of the deadline the you enter your total, you will be rewarded 5 points; ex: place your guess on the 10th of 13,000 and the total ends up to be 13,200, your entry will be adjusted with 50 extra points in the correct direction, It would be 13,050
  3. Bonus: post an article in reference to this contest on your site/blog, you will get an extra 100 points in the correct direction, so your above guess would then be adjusted to 13,150
  4. to be qualified, you must join as a free, limited member before the contests dealine

Friday, June 6, 2008

Free Stock Pick June 6 2008 - options

June 6th: (limited-members page)

  • This is carried over into Friday
  • (APOG) - closed up 1.49%, with a 25.48 entry point we are 1.01% away from our target! no new positions should be opened
  • This bull looks to be "best of the bunch"
    • (____) - enter at/before open, system play
  • These two look to be "stone cold mortal locks or Rocks"
    • (____) - long, system play
    • (___) - the son of the above; long & system
  • Use system on the following if you can enter at the trigger
    • (DSCP) - long; only with an entry point at/below 46.46


For the Option lovers, have been banging out Winner after Winner. I am currently working out a formula that I should have posted within a week or so (% gains/loss guidelines) I have a couple of exciting options that we can use over there!


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