Sunday, January 6, 2008

Picks for Mon, Jan. 7, 2008

Ready for another Huge week...
* Also, look at the Bull/Bear charts on left of page;
* I always update those daily; if they are posted, then I highly recommend;
* daily posts here are my "best of the best" picks for the day
(DDR) short @ open; shoot for 3%
(TRMP) short; let it drop until Fri. 1/11/08, cover before close
(AZZ) buy at open; if no signs of slowing, hold until Tues
(BRLC) ~ (AKNS) ~ (SOLF) are still very attractive
(GFRE) ~ even though this small-cap co. had a revenue increase upwards of 60% for the first 3 quarters reported in 2007, this play (like Friday's +59% pick) will ride the roller coaster of hype (at least for tomorrow.) There is no-doubt in my mind that you will see a intra-day gain of at least 30%-50%. Unlike Fri where I demanded you to buy at the open, I have a different game plan for this;
It is OTC so there will be no extended morning hrs trading, considering the outstanding shares and my guess is that it will shoot up right outta the gate when the bell rings - it is a Chinese co (expect anything else) so I am 99% sure that oversea investors have been placing orders all weekend long...
It'll open @ $2.65, then pass it's 52 week high of $3.00...
when it closes in @ the $3.25 mark...SHORT SELL it!!...
if it still rises past +30%... add, add, add to your position
(with this type of un-stable equity, never go all-in with first purchase)
it may take 3-5days, but it'll be worth at least 25% to you.

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