Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hottest Stocks for 1/11/2008

Since starting this blog and giving out picks (12-26-07 ~ 1-10-08);
* I have produced -

  • 32 - Winners (28 hit our target in the same trading session, 2 in two sessions)
  • 1 - Losers (they dropped to my sell stop limit)
  • 0 - Carrying over from today into Fri. (did not hit either limit)THIS DID HIT!(corrected)
  • (TRMP) - my shorted stock that I gave out for Mon 1/7 (entry @ $3.83) and directed to hold and cover sometime before closing bell tomorrow, Fri. ; at today's close, we have a 4-day gain of 11.99% , and it was as high as +19.37%

I am excited on the plays that I spent many hours on to keep with the kind of daily returns my stocks have consistantly been producing, but I have chills with what I uncovered here...

two - Red Hot Bulls:

  1. (PPDI) - it just burned my screen its so damn Hot (I am the only one that knows it, well until now)
  2. (GAX) - even though it had a gain of over 20% today, it still has room to run up enough for what we are looking for

two - Red Hot Bears:

  1. (AIRN) - short sell pre-market/at open
  2. (GOT) - same as above; also, both show that the trend is lower as the MACD is below both the signal line along with the 9-day moving average

* As you may know by now how I update the Bull/Bear charts on the sidebar at the right side of this page with a continuing list of the day's attractive picks; there are some nice oppertunities on the bear chart as the bulls were slim pickings (I would love to give you a choice of ten each day, but I am not going to list something that I feel is not in the best position for a trade at any specific time)

NOTICE: I am placing to more that I am now adding to post (in the wee morning hrs on Fri);

  • (ARCC) - this is a short play that I put a middle Thurs. afternoon alert on;
  • it did rise slightly before bell, so it is still a prospective trade to also plug in my simple, yet effective system today in a.m. extended hrs; look to cover with our limit target which should execute after your mid-day nap
  • (IDIX) - everyone likes a good spec. stock play, esp. on a Fri; in the mist football playoff season, gambling is in the air so with this one up 50% so far this week including 24% yesterday alone; closed at its high so throw a couple dimes on this and don't be too greedy, because of circumstance and it is not a reg type pick, I would look to close 1/2 position at a +5% gain and milk another 3%-5% addl' to close it out; get out of this before the bell, as a winner or loser.

* NOTE: with the Winner/Loser record that I keep you up to date with, I only include my stock picks that I post (my best of best) - charts are also hot plays but it is senseless to pick 20 stocks/day. I spend alot of time weeding 40 top to 20 top stocks; then to get the top 3-6 to post with my reputation on the line daily is alot of reaserch and at least 4+ hours nightly so I can bring this to you, this is what I enjoy. This is not my job as I own a Interior Design Showroom & Workroom. Even worse yet, I was a very successful day-trader since I was 25, now I am 30. I turned $25,000 into $345,000 (note: with $25,000 cash, you can day-trade on margin $100,000) in just under 3 years, that is my Viper, also bought a new Maxum 2900 Sport Yacht (I'll post some pics) plus a couple of Harleys, a Jag for the wife. This was done using the same system applied here. I used to trade from my van in between estimates or installation with a wireless card. I won a bid for a very large building in Center City, Philadelphia to do all the draperies and furnishings. A total projected sale of $325,000, yes I receive a partial deposit and as I have done other major jobs like this for them, I am a little guy with 95% residential work- anyway, in order for me to pull a half decent profit, I had to purchase all materials at one time (saving me 40% more than if ordered in phases. Well I had my people manufactoring the draperies 12hrs/ day... simply put, yep, "trump" wannabee followed in his footsteps , bankrupt, squashing the little co. including me . I have two girls and a wife to support, this happened in Feb '07, Harley went out the door by the end of that month, Viper sold for peanuts, just finally sold the thing that I had my eye on as a goal for 10 years, the Sport Cruiser that cost me well over $100,000, it was 8 months old with 12 hrs on the twin mercs, sold on Ebay to a guy who traveled from Australia to Philly to pick up his deal of a lifetime at $58,000. O-yea the Jag. repo

I still live in a townhouse that I purchased with my then soon-to-be-wife 10 years ago (yes I was 20, and she was 24 and she had a 4 year old at the time whom I adopted a year later)

I am not writting this for people to think I am bragging; or thast I want simpathy; I want you to understand why I take 4 hours a night after the family is in bed to do this - this is what I love and I was good doing it from when I was 18/19 (did not day-trade until 23, 25 successfully)

Until I get back in track financially, I am trading a few thousand here and there, so there is no emotion in these picks; I am not like 99.9% of these bulk email guys running up $$, so they can short; I do it because it is my passion, and I take pride doing this. I love to get a message from a college kid excited about investing; remember nothing is a guarrenty, could be great , but not perfect. Thankyou for listening to my rambling but I wanted members to know where I am coming from and what intensions I have.

I love it !!! Nick Darpino


aymon said...

you know anything about onmc?

how about some options picks?

Been tracking your site for a week now, and your picks have been great. I would like to make 1000 dollars a day with your system. I think I would need at least 50000 dollars in my account to buy 1000 shares of each of your daily 3 picks. How much do you think i would need if i'd like to make 1000 dollars a day with your system. I currently do not have 50000 dollars in my account, perhaps by March. I hope you're still around when I have the money! hehe. However, if you have options picks then 1000 dollars a day might be feasible for me.



Aymon - it is nice to finally have someone appreciate what I am doing here. I took a look at (ONMC) for you in the 4:00am hour/ so don't go by my totally as I have been crunching # all night, again!
I think it will not run much more, hate to say it, but you might be able to off some gains today shorting it(in other words, stay away)the news at 9:18 was the pop, then flat, I expect it will slide slightly down today before lunch.
I will get some options plays for you option guys maybe by end of next week; with options, for me, I like to see the markets first quarter get settled in a little.

Read the article of how fast our port can grow to hit 1,000,000.00 in a year compounding daily as each day we hit our targets. I figures that with starting pt $10,000 and 2% daily gains, I bumped up a little, we are way ahead of pace for that!! Meanwhile, I am making everyone else make profits as I get numb figure tips , no sleep and strained eyes!lol
I am currently working on getting together 100 members, $100 each and go for that million in a year returning each $100 unit- $10,000;
so far so good if it was running now with plenty of room.
I have been doing this for over 4 years now. Keep in touch

aymon said...

Looking forward to your options plays! thanks