Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BONUS ~ Chinese, OTCs, and Water Purities

* These are some "little guys" you should watch because they are growing up fast;
the following are not my "Daily Stock Picks" but I thought I would share them with you-
* Let's start with the water purifier co.
(PURO)otcbb - Purio operates to provide practical solutions to the growing global water crisis. With the technology in place Purio has positioned itself to substantially benefit from the growing world water market. Globally the water market is an estimated $400 billion dollars with indications that it will continue to grow in the long term. The industry supported by this water crisis is expected to grow exponentially in countries such as China and India specifically, because of their naturally high population, and higher then average pollution. Best of all, this "easy" set-up system can be cost-effectively run on solar power without any decrease in productivity.
IF YOU HAVE ANY EXTRA CASH IN YOUR PORTFOLIO FOR SPECULATIVE STOCKS, BUY THIS AT THE OPEN ON THURS 1/10/08 - this is another one I am throwing out there strictly on hype; if you do buy it, just keep an eye on it; this should be a nice end-of-week money-maker (if you go long on this in morning and there is not a significant sell-off, I would take it into Fri. but have it sold before the weekend bell) then go treat yourself to a surf-and-turf feast.
* Let's stay with the solar theme and toss in the "Chinese";
(CNUV).OB - China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc.
I am giving you this as a nice long-term speculative pick, do the research on this up and coming equity as it has 2 of the best qualities a stock could have these days, that would guessed it...1) a Chinese...2) Solar Co.
* I really spoiling you guys today, here are 3 more long-term OTC Chinese spec stocks:
(CNOA.OB) - China Organic Agriculture, Inc.
(LWLL.OB) - Linkwell Corp.
(CYTV.OB) - China YouTV Corp.

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