Thursday, January 31, 2008

Picks for Thurs. 1/31/2008 * Results from Wed...

Results are in... followed by Thurs. picks...
  • (JASO) - a shorted play at open and instructed to pull 4% and +4% it did!
  • (JASO) - gave an alert at 2:00 when it sat @ $55.30; I alerted to buy long up to 56 and pull addl' 2.5%, at 3:00 area shot up past 57.30 so we hit the target there also!!
  • (DLII) - depending on entry, intraday high of +3.85% or +4.66%
  • +QXOCH - up 33% today, this option is still a buy up to .25
  • +GMFE - a new option to get into on Thurs (GM) JUN 25 Call @ 4.75, a buy to $5
  • (RATE) - a long pick for Thurs, plug into system and watch for right time to enter, watch ext. am
  • (CRME) - short play, may want to short this in ext hrs as it may be already down in the early morning hours
  • (ITNS) - is a big spec play that swung today up and down 25%; as it is a hyped stock, look for some big gain oppertunities on Thurs; I would get long and keep an eye on it
  • (ITNS) - is in a sector that is changing television from how we know it. This is television that is distributed using Internet Protocol technology, better known as "iptv".This is a new technology that has a tremendous amount of room for growth.ITNS, as a developer of cutting edge IPTV solutions, plans to take full advantage of this growth!ITNS realizes that this is a very promising sector if big companies like Microsoft and even Cisco are backing this technology!

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