Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Picks for Thurs.1/10/2008

2 - longs:
(TNE) - remember, stick with 2.5%/3% method descibed above on every play
(SYT) - always buy @open, or pre-market and place your limits at that time
2 - shorts:
(LAMR) - shorted stocks work the same way except backwards. lol !
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exsisting holding:
(TRMP) - Mon. morning's short pick that I gave a hold then cover on Fri;
at the close of day 3, we racked up gains of 14.3% with an intraday high of 25.58%
(SDS) - is a long that is carried over from yesterday; hit a high of +1.7%, with a low of -2.7%;
using my system, it just missed both a 2.5% gain or the 3% sell stop
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