Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here is a very reasonable and profitable opportunity that will benefit everyone: is not going anywhere; but... is coming!
as most of you already have seen my performance using my "system" which I have been over 90% accurate to date, will still stay up and running; the new, members only site, will be used for my well documented Hot Plays but will also have more info to back them such as entry points, etc... ; I will have option picks that I have been researching over the past few weeks and in some cases, months. As I will always stay with my daily picks that gain us 2.5% consistantly every day to turn that 10K into 1.4Mil in a year (Jan hit target every day but one), I will have a section with picks, long or short, that we may hold for up to a month or two. I heavily study stocks looking to day-trade. If I come across one that catches my eye for the future, then that's were my option picks will come in (I often trade these within a few weeks from purchase also.) It is not because I am impatient but this is what I do, I AM A TRADER. Enough of the rambling, I am going to make you an offer you cann't refuse:

  • Donate $100; "Founding Member" status ~ full-lifetime membership to DailyDaytrades.Com
  • also includes a text-link advertisment to your site/blog, listed on my blog forever
  • Donate $50; "Senior Member" status ~ full one-year membership to DailyDaytrades.Com
  • also includes a text-link advertisment to your site/blog, listed on my blog from day of donation until one-year after sites release
  • Donate $10; "Honorary Member" status ~ full one-month membership to
  • also includes a text-link advertisment to your site/blog, listed on my blog from day of donation until one-month after sites release
  • Donate $5; "Sponsor" status ~ you will receive a one-month text-link advertisment to your site/blog that will be listed on my active blog, PlatinumPicks.Blogspot.Com

Note: most site offer a link to be displayed on a site at a cost of $40/month ($480/year); not only will you have the cheapest advertising around for your site displayed at the premium spot of this blog, you will gain full-access to a premium stock service! Most stock services like this are offered at $199/month or more; for $100, you get lifetime advertising (this alone is valued in the thousands) you will receive a full membership, also lifetime, to which once it is up this offer will be gone and there will be a monthly subsciption needed which will be priced in the $20-40/month range.

I will be using MemberGate hosting software and manager which is costing me $9500 + fees, so I am limited this offer to the first members that sign up; not to exceed $5000 in donations.

Once the donation widget is removed, then a standard monthly fee will be applied to all new members that did not take advantage of this offer. All members that join through this donation box will not ever be affected by any membership fee increases, addition site upgrades, etc... if you become a founding member now, thats it, ever . and don't forget lifetime spot on my blog to advertise your site is yours also forever (it can be updated as often as you want) but it is to be a referral link to a site/blog that you own. This site will not disappear as the hosting alone is costing almost $10,000 to start plus a monthly fee, I have been working on this for 6 years and now the moment is here and its here to stay!!!!

The advertising alone on my site is worth more than the denominations above; plus you will have 24 hour access to the hottest stock picker this year (WorldWide)

Take a look around at these site w/ 72%accuracy and yearly fees exceeding $400+++

I have publically proven myself, day after day; is rolling out the red (or should I say Green) carpet for the Grand Opening on April 1, 2008 (no, it is not an April fools joke) just the start of 2Q

The order of your donation is important as the earlier it was made, the better ad placement you will receive.

I reserve the right to end accepting new donations at any time without warning.


Brant said...

how can I get in touch with you to ask your more about this? Please e-mail me, because I am definitely willing to pitch in $100.



I am on road , email me by clicking on the box to the right, click on nick wit da picks, I just posted this today and already have received 12 emails, so we will see but if 50-$100 sell, thats it; you will then have to buy a month-to-month membership. $100 for lifetime membership to a site plus lifetime advertising on this blog!!! People sell a months advertising for $50 +/- (i am 30) it may work out to 600 months, pennies per month, not to mention stock picking site (ave. mnth fees on web around $25-$50) here could be .08/month!!!!!
Be the first to donate and you'll always have top advertising position here!!!
If enough sign up early, i will close down promo, and get site up sooner but your link will begin upon payment.
Nick Darpino


i also see you do not yet have a blog? This is a great time to start one (about anything)and this would be a great way to always have a solid 24/7 advertisment running here. i will email you in a second, but like what you have commented above, i rather everybody use these comment sections or the discussion box set up on the right , where anyone can type and chat w/ each other. We are all in this for the same goal -make some serious money but it is nice to talk to others interested in trading also - 20 people will always have 20 pt of views , none are wrong and none are 100% right, if they were, I would not be needed!!!! ;)
I will email you later and invite you to a nice, free stock trading site w/ a virtual portfolio etc...
I would greatly appreciate if you do get the ball rolling w/ the $100 entry.

Jason said...

Its interesting what you propose, but to be honest, no membership management software is worth $10K. There are plenty of free or close to free alternatives. I have used a large variety of CMS systems. Dont pay for it.

br3adman said...

Sure i will list you in the featured section.

In your section just add my site

And name is Clint's Promomaker.

thanks clint..

Farah Deen said...

good blog. great that u participated in the big bang- i am from #112!