Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Am Very Exited! Another Perfect Day! 1/9/08

After bell on Tues...
there were picks that carried into today so here are results from Mon
(DDR) - a buy on Mon, hit our mark(Mon) a high of 4% on Mon
(AZZ) - a buy on Mon, I had noted that it may be Tues to hit our 2.5% mark;
Tues it hit, day's high - 2.8%
(TRMP) - a short play that is a hold until Fri; update - we are up 7.9% so far
(GFRE) - a fun one a gave on Mon, told you it would rise then fall (look at Mon post); it rose 8%, it fell 8%
Tues results... hit our mark on all 3
(BRP) - a day's high of 6.9% with no downside from open
(OPTM) - the high here was 7.8%
(XNL) - my shorted play had no upside from open; at the day's low, the gains hit 49.35%
* remember, following my system stated at top of page, all stocks to date had hit our goal included the 1 stock that that lost 1% on the day sold the next trading day without stopping out!!
* I will get the morning picks out soon; in the meantime, you can do your research on tomorrows top picks listed on the charts at the left of the page


Jonathan said...

Help, I'm confused about the following:
1. "(DDR) - a buy on Mon, hit our mark(Mon) a high of 4% on Mon"...

-DDR was a short on monday, opened around 35.5 and never dropped below there, so how was it a 4% gain? (I'm assuming 'short' meant sell short on Monday).


Picks are given before 8:00AM, when AM session starts (so far, all picks have been posted night before)- w/ a short recommendation; (DDR)went into pre-market trading in high $36 range , i think 36.68; drop as bell closed in , but if got in at 36.00, would have hit 2.5%/ thats what I state above, to execute order early if it would benefit you; if you do not get in early and the stock drops close to 3% premarket hrs, then use judgement , 3% thats our target, stay away or at least watch first hr and see how reacts