Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 28, 2008:

  • The following 3 picks are "system" plays, all bulls
    • (----) - also initiated a nice looking option play using this equity, this will only be posted @ optiondaytrades.com
    • (----)
    • (ITRN)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Stock Pick for Friday May 23 2008

(EAC) - from Thursday hit a days high of +10% ; closing up near +5%

May 23rd:
  • (JASO) - buy @ open, no sell stop; look to pull at least 4% today

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stock and Option picks May 22 2008 Thursday

May 22nd limited members:

(ARD) - buy long @ open as long that it looks like its done going lower

  • +ARDGK Jul 55 Call , closed @ 3.70, buy to 3.90
(EAC) - still a buy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free stock and stock option picks May 19 2008

An option play:

  • +CRLFM (CRL) Jun 65 Call; closed @ 1.75, try to open below 1.90;
  • +AIGRH (AIG) Jun 40 Put; given out Thurs evening @ 2.08 and is still a steal at the current 2.20; look to close this out @ the 3.00 mark (35% - 45% gain)

A Bear Play:

  • (BKUNA) - sell short, plug into "system"

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FREE Stock Picks Thursday May 15 2008

Picks for May 15, 2008 (limited member edition):

Picks for May 15, 2008:

  • (-----) - sell short, use system; full members get the first five picks- upgrade now and lock in before monthly fees almost double on Fri 16th
  • (------) - enter at/below 2.68; then buy long in "system"
  • (------) - a Bull system play
  • (------) - a Bull system play
  • (------) - a Bull system play
  • (NHPR).OB - here is one of those OB plays!!! This is how I would approach this risky trade (all pk & OB trades are very high risk):
  1. buy long @ open
  2. at 2:30pm est on Thurs 15th:
  • if stock price is below your entry point, close the whole position
  • if price is higher from your entry, sell 1/2 of you position and look at the post for Friday for further recommendation
Healthcare is the # 1 concern of American these days, because you never know when you need it. Even the Presidential candidates are including healthcare reform as a big part of their campaign.

NHPR is a leading provider of unique discount healthcare membership programs.

NHPR has already reported that they expect to generate between $12 - $15 million in revenues during 2008!!

Those are some excellent numbers, I’m getting excited reading over their press release. NHPR sales increased 73% between Q4 2007 and Q1 2008!!
NHPR is a national healthcare savings organization that provides discount healthcare membership programs to uninsured and underinsured people through a national healthcare savings network called “CARExpress.” CARExpress is one of the largest networks of hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare providers in the country and is comprised of over 1,000,000 medical professionals that belong to such PPOs as CareMark and Aetna.

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Stock Trade Alert! May 14 @ 10am

(KAZ) - buy long and use our "system" ; Enter @/below 6.76

Monday, May 12, 2008

Free Stock Picks - May 13, 2008 Tuesday

Picks for May 13, 2008:

* I found 3 Bull plays to use in the system

** I like them in this order...

1. --------- - my hottest pick for Tues; if you only open a position on 1 equity, make it this one!
2. --------- - my #2 , received a personal grade just below the #1 play of the day
3. (SINA) - a Bull play; use "system"

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The "SYSTEM" that I developed

Here is the explaination of how-to apply my recommended plays; this is taken from my new site where you can gain access to 3-8 picks/day plus Option Picks - over 90% accurate to date!

What is the "system"

A. "The System"...

...it is a simple but very effective set of guidelines that took me over 6 years to develop...

...by "develope" I am talking about what % to use for gains and sell stops; and most important, how to select the stocks every single day that will meet my daily goal...

...my "goal" is an unheard of and unbelievable 2% daily gain...

...why 2% - well think about this- start with $10,000 and pull out a daily gain of 2% per trading day; do this for one year; after the year, your $10k original portfolio value is now worth over $1,400,000.00 (yes, that is $1.4 million)...

...I applied this "system" with stock picks that I publically posted on a blog (www.platinumpicks.blogspot.com) and was correct in hitting the daily target gain before it stopped out 91% of the trades!!! thats how this site was born...

The Rules...

  1. know that any recommended trade that does not state a trigger entry point, a stated % gain to look for, etc... then apply the "system" to the trade
  2. by the equity at the best available price in the extended hours (am session) up until 9:45 am est; cannt enter a trade before 9:45, then dont
  3. sell your position at a 2.50% gain before a 3% stop loss is initiated (2.5% gives you the 2% plus enough to cover fees, commisions...)
It is that simple and it works...
...if you know what stocks to trade, everyday!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stock Picks for Friday May 9, 2008

Results from May 8, 2008:

  • (IDT) & (CORS) both shorts did not reach the entry points (no positions opened)
  • (PLM) - a days high of +3.61%; a system winner
  • (FTWR) - ran up to +5.73% before taking a dive; system winner
  • (GTE) - a system winner
  • (BWEN) - the "approved" third party site recommendation hit a days high of +11.11% and closed up 4%
  • (SPNG).OB - one of those famous HUGE gain PlatinumPicks had a high today of +20% and it closed up +17%
  • (CHTR) - entered few days ago @ 1.02 +/- and posted to sell 1/2 position using a limit order 1.50; hit 1.39 today and closed @ 1.38 +35% , keep the 1.50 mark as it'll get there!
  • +UPBSU - posted a sell @ 1.00, no problem hitting that trigger mark today giving a +33.33% gain in a couple days
  • +JVQRV - also a sell today @/above 3.00; again easily done giving us around +20% on this option in a couple days!


Plays for May 9, 2008:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Results May 6 Stock Market

Results for May 6:

  • (JST) - posted a buy at/below 38.90 (dropped just below that @ 10:15 then hit our target as it ran to 41.25 in the afternoon
  • (ACAS) - was a short play....but no shorts were available - after bell, I saw it coming, released Q1 earnings -4.16 compared to EPS loss of .86! Even though the stock shot up th wrong way, the Put Option play I gave went up +15.39% ; considering the stock was up over 2% - my Put play still shot up in the right direction! somethings up!!!

2 Winners today; No Losers

Stock Option Pick for May 6, 2008

+DQSTF - (ACAS) Aug 30 Put; closed @ 4.00 but as stock should open higher, this option put should drop a little in price. I recommend if you get in this one, hold it at least a week before I come back with re-evaluation

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Results from today, Monday May 5

Perfect Day as we hit 3 Winners out of 3 System Plays:

  1. (CHINA) - short; High gain +4.16%
  2. (SOHU) - short; High gain +3.18%
  3. (SYPJ).pk- fun pick; immediately dropped to .17 2-mins into the session, hit a high from that point of just over +35% and a high from yesterdays .15 close of +53%

The option plays given for today, 2 are already up around 20% ; (S) option finished down apprx. 6% - (S) has 2 weeks before expiration to fall some more; no sweat

visit NEW SITE and read about the virtual trading contests to be held there; all members please take a minute to cast a vote and leave any comments on the idea...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Many Option Plays for Monday plus...

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All of these plays are already up HUGE!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Perfect Picks; more Stock Picks for May 2, 2008

Results for today, May 2nd; yes - Another Perfect Day!

this was given last night...Pick for May 1:

+MALFA (MA) - Jun 300 Call - closed @ 6.60 - buy to 7.00

May 2nd...

+MALFA rose +99.25% today @ 13.15; I would sell 1/2 contracts tomorrow @ 13.50 and hold balance for a week before making a move (remember, the 1/2 position here is 100% profit)

  • (FMNT) - Tues Mid-Day Alert almost touched a high of +27% if you still had a position open
  • (GTP) - short carried over from yesterday hit our target
  • (END) - Winner as it had a high of +10.86%
  • (ISYS) - Winner as it hit a high of +7.32%
  • (NVST).pk - I said look for 50% - 100% gain within a week; well it hit a high gain today of exactly 100%
  • (MESA) - today's Mid-Day Alert, given @ 12:50pm around .79 and stated not to sell until it hit at least .88; no prob as it closed at the days high .96 up over 45% on the day!

Check out the gains for each of the 7 plays from today:

  1. + 3.50%
  2. + 7.32%
  3. + 10.86%
  4. + 26.97%
  5. + 45.45%
  6. + 99.25%
  7. +100.00%

Not a bad day! 7 plays with a total high days gains of...

+ 293.35%



Picks for May 2, 2008:

**all long system plays**

  • (NBTB)
  • (MANT)
  • (CDI) - down in ext hours session, ext am would be a good time to open your position; apprx 28.25
  • (MXB) - like the equity plus this co. option below
  • +MXBFG Jun 35 Call; closed @ 1.20, buy up to 1.30 and hold
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