Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picks for Wed. Jan 30, 2008

(JASO) - short; look for a 4% gain, no sell stop on this one
(DLII) - long; look for a 4% gain also watch it, but I would not use a sell stop as it has to much movement
  • +QXOCH - have any extra $$$$, then this is it; I am alerting again on this spec. option play; I gave this out on last Thurs (siri) - then Cramer talked about how the merger must go through , this was a day after I gave it out; stock rose since but today this $4 Mar Call dropped .10 to .15; Get in it tomorrow, I would buy up to .25

Sorry about past couple posting days but there is a family medical emergency I have been dealing with so bear with me and we should be back to "normal " by next week

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