Thursday, January 10, 2008

After the Bell...Thurs.1/10/2008

I will start with those bonus picks I gave:
  • (PURO) - the speculative pick that was for today and as it did not sell off at all; I stated to hold and sell your position on Fri. before close
  • closed at the day's high of 10.96%
  • (CNUV) - this and next 3 are the OTC China Hot Spec. Picks
  • cnuv closed up 4.17%, with an intraday high of +8.34%
  • (CNOA) - closed at day's high +5.64%
  • (LWLL) - also closed at a high +5%
  • (CYTV) - closed up 10% with a high of +15%

(PURO) was the only one I have recommended as a short term trade (1-2 days)

The 4 China plays are up HUGE; these were picked as a speculative equity to buy some shares with money you won't miss (if there is such thing)

With them either closing at or near the days high, they will still run...

  • (TRMP) - entered Mon as a short $3.83; instructed to sell before close tomorrow, Fri
  • hit a 4-day gain of 19.33%; at close we are up 11.99%
  • (SDS) - carried over from yesterday hit our goal at 9:42am before dropping like a lead weight
  • (TNE) - hit the target and kept on running to +6.22%
  • (BZH) - ran to our goal and touched the 2.89% mark, then took off the other way to help the bulls get there target also
  • (SYT) - yes there was 1 that hit the 3% sell stop
  • (LAMR) - a short that came close to the target but stopped at +2%; but it did not hit the sell stop as the days low (or bulls gain) was @ 1.9%; this will be carried into tomorrow
  • CORRECTION TO (LAMR) , IT DROPPED PAST GOAL w/ addl' .75% more -3.26%!
  • this was a winner to! another perfect day with 11 picks all hitting
  • Not counting 5 OTC all with HUGE gains

To wrap it up ~

  • 11 Winners !
  • 0 Stopped out
  • 1 is carried into tomorrow

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