Thursday, January 24, 2008

After the Bell... Thurs Jan.24, 2008...

  • (JNPR) - a short play, did not have a chance and stopped out @ my 3% sell stop limit; as I post picks night before the trading day, if you would have looked at the movement on this pick at opening, I'm sure you probaly would have stayed off of this pick... a loser anyway
  • (JASO) - my long play; hit the target on kept on going with a day's high of +6.99%
  • (DLII) - MY HUGE PICK!!! I stated that you would pull a gain today of 8% - 12% ; but I was off as it closed up 18.31% @ $1.68 from the $1.42 opening price (opened down from prev close); closed just below day's high of $1.69 (+19.02%)... remember these picks that I bring to you apprx. once a week and have not let anyone down yet will only soon be available at my new site as it'll be opening soon and pre-open memberships are now offered at over 90% discounts with limited space. As this blog will still be running with daily picks, these Huge plays will be left out - also, the site will have more involved picks including long-term picks, options, and much more... monthly fees are looking to be in the $20/month range, but you can get in now as a founding member and donate $100; you will receive a lifetime membership with full access to the site plus lifetime advertising link on this blog that will link readers to your site/blog (this can be updated as you wish); advertising alone is worth $40/month ($480/year) remember, you will get a link for life and it is displayed at the top of every page!!! See the members links who already became a Founding Member on the top of right side on this page. Other offers are also available for a limited time (scheduled opening - 2Qtr - 4/1/08; but if I get it up before then offers will be removed without notice and monthly fees will be applied to new members)

Bonus: with picks for tomorrow, I will include some option picks as many requests for them have been made - these will be published this evening. ThankYou


Jonathan said...

Thanks, Nick for opening this up for 'lifers'... thanks also for the incredibly fast service on posting my ad.

aymon said...

hi nick,

looking forward to the options picks. what's the timeframe for the holding the options? thanks


get the option plays; considering joining up???u have a site??

aymon said...

hi nick,

no, i don't have a site, that's why i'm not too interested in the ad link. I am interested in the picks, though. I'm still tracking your picks and am trying to see how I should play your picks. I'm more of a swing options trader, and not much of a daytrader. I'm used to trading the momentum players like bidu, aapl, rimm, ldk, etc., and not a lot of stocks under 5 dollars, unless they have momentum. There is a site( that gives options pick on momentum stocks, but it doesn't seem like they're in business anymore. Can you make similar options recommendations? If you can and with good track record then I'll definitely sign up, even for a premium subscription price. Been looking for such a site.