Thursday, January 10, 2008

Look at my Personal Shorts (Jan.'08)

  • Here is my portfolio of all shorted stocks as of today; with all positions were opened between today and 2 weeks ago
  • Don't believe? Send me your email which will only be used to send you an invitation to a free stock trading community with an invitation to my group were all of these stocks are there plus see my trades as they happen
  • You will also get a virtual portfolio to manage and each month that you beat the S&P, you will receive real $ via paypal; Also, there are many other ways to win $$$
  • These are all of my current holdings @ close today:
  1. (DEEP) +26.07%
  2. (EEE) +25.25%
  3. (ETM) + 8.81%
  4. (EXAR) +10.87%
  5. (FIG) + 6.75%
  6. (GGC) +35.51%
  7. (TRMP) +12.53%

* using my Dec (when started 12/1/08) to date, at current rate, including all trades both good and bad, annuallized return for a year is figured to be +91%, not bad.

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