Thursday, January 31, 2008

Picks for Fri. Feb. 1, 2008 (Black Friday)

I am predicting a rough first day of Feb. as (GOOG) took a hit of over 36pts after hours;
(BIDU) also took a plunge so this is why I am giving you this first short, solely because the mini version of the parent monsters did not take much of a slide, YET-
  • (SOHU) - short
  • (CYMI) - also a short for Fri (probally will win shorting any stock in exsistance tomorrow)

I would watch close before buying anything long, if you insist then look at this bank (FBTX)

also look at (MBRK) to buy long; I also will update the Bull/Bears charts to the right, banks may survive on this Black Friday

Take a look below at results from today plus the options are still and may even be on sale tomorrow.

Please drop me a Comment regarding the color combonation on this site; if you like or dislike it please let me know, if you do not like it, should it just be the common white background?

Thankyou in advance- If you want to take advantage of the above offer of lifetime deals and if you leave me a comment, good or bad, in reference to the colors here - pay the $100 through chip-in above (via PayPal); once it registers, I will refund you back $25.00!!! This special refund offer is valid until 02/08/2008...

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