Wednesday, January 16, 2008

After the Bell... Also, Pick for Thurs.1/17/2008

Results for 1/16:
  • (DDR) - stopped out w/ our 3% sell stop
  • (LIZ) - after open, pushed just short of our 2.5% goal at 2.18%; this also was a loser
  • (DSL) - a short winner as it dropped and produced a high +5.56% gain before running the other way
  • (RNIN) - had no problem with the target as it finished up +15.53%

At 2-2, this was my "Black Wed" ; I will not let it happen again

Record to Date: 46 Winners with 5 Losers

90.13% Accurate

PICK of DAY 1/17/08:

  • (NWPX) - a long position, it had a nice day today but took a hit after hours, so watch it in ext. am trading and if it is still dropping then wait until bell to buy; if it is starting to rise pre-market, then get in then and look for our 2.5% target

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