Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bonus Offer:

As this site celebrates its "one-month anniversary"; I am offering a special discount on the lifetime advertising/members only stock site;
If you followed my system, starting with $10,000 and using a 2.5% limit to sell / 3% sell stop; in the past 4 weeks your portfolio should have over $14,000! over 40% return for the past month in this crazy market!
Donate either $10, $50, or $100 for a text link and access to the new stock pick site that is soon-to-be-launched and I will personally email you with some hot short-term option plays.
If you become a "Founding Member" before Sun 1/27/08 11:59pm, pay the $100 so that amount registers in regards with space available and you will receive a $25 refund within 24 hours from when payment is made. You will only be paying $75 for a full lifetime membership to (you launch no later than start of Q2 4/1/08) plus you will own a space on the top of this blog for a link to your site/blog also for Life! The ad alone goes for $25-$40/month on all blogs that offer it; I am averaging 125+ new, unique users every day and also steadily growing by the day. Remember, once site is formally launched, any deals are off the table and a std monthly fee will apply (plus advertising offer will also be history) see current members links at the top of the right sidebar and give them a visit.

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