Monday, March 31, 2008

April 1, 2008 , Don't be a Fool and play this Stock!

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(QTWW) - Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., an integrated alternative energy company, engages in the development and production of propulsion systems, energy storage technologies, and alternative fuel vehicles. Get in long at or below .98 and sell @ 1.04 giving you a +6.12% gain.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

All Results from 3.28.08

(TLVA) - up 12.50% Thurs; high of +62.96% today, closing +40.74% today!!!!

(AAPL) - a buy today below 141.00; stated to sell @ 144.50 and it hit a high of 144.65!!!

(SOLF) - hit a high over 5% from prev close before dropping

(CLWR) - stopped out -3%

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stock Picks for Friday March 28 2008

(SOLF) - buy long in extended am or at open up to our "9:45am" rule; use our "system" for 1/2 of your position, then (if you feel brave), go for a 6% gain with the balance of your shares

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stock Play for Thursday March 27 2008 3/27/08

(JASO) - short before 9:45am EST and look for 3% gain; NO SELL STOP!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Results from here and

March 25th Results!!!

(BLK) - pasted our target hitting a high of +4%

(FRE) - stopped out @ 3%

(JASO) - no prob! over 6% gain

(LVLT) - a high today of +5.71% ; I stated to look for 5% today or around +8% over next several days

(HSYN) - todays high hit +26.92% !!

Looks like Platinum Picks is business as usual

Stock Picks for Tuesday March 25 2008

Two free long picks-
(BLK) - look for at least 2.5% from open
(LVLT) - look for a 5% gain before the day is out

Saturday, March 22, 2008

HOT OPTION for Mon 24th

Buy this while on sale at Monday's open-
+QJPFC (JASO) 15 CALL JUN ; buy this when it dips down to 2.50, if lucky, @ 2.40 !!!
Hold and then look to sell at the 3.70 - 3.90 range - profiting just over 50% probably in less then 45 calendar days!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

24 hours left...

All current paid full members, don't worry as your rate is locked in for a year from start of subscription...all limited or new members have until Sat March 15, 2008 to get in at these extremely low rates as rates are increasing at 1:00pm est 3/15/08

I have kept the low, pre-launch rates but the performance here is unlike any site I have ever been to and the fees elsewhere start at $50/month to $499/month (I have seen these) - and the returns are good not great; nothing like here were I receive emails daily how guys are making thousands with 2-3000 starting accts, the emails have nothing to do with increase, I know what I have given out, my current monthly fee is less one round trip trade with a discount broker. They will probaly be set around $29-$49/month and close to 300-350/year so take advantage- also, under members benifits, you can buy a lifetime that you own and may sell whenever for whatever! Get locked in for a year, look at the reviews.

Friday, March 14, 2008

YES, ANOTHER Perfect Platinum Picks Day...

Another Perfect Day, again... from

  • (CGPI) - was carried into today and hit not hit either limit, goes into Monday
  • (NUS) - did not drop down enough to initiate a position
Here was the play posted here:
  • (BBW) - opened @ $8.60, a short, hit our goal and ran to a high of 9% gain on the day
  • (JASO) - opened @ 15.57 and this short hit a 8.88% gain, so my 4% target was taken for a great profit with ease!
  • +QJPFC - a JUNE 15 CALL gave a re-recommendation to open or buy more of this option when it dropped below 2.70; some may have entered at the 2.50 range, now hold this
  • +AEMEO - the option play for today had closed up +28.20%; I would close half of your position here and wait for further instruction

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Results for Thurs 3.13.2008 & Pick for Fri 14th

Another Perfect Day here at PlatinumPicks:

  • (DEEP) - a short from Tues with a 2.52 entry, hit our 2.5% target and actually had a high of over +5%
  • (NWD) - a buy to 1.12; ext am price was @ 1.09 - the 1.12 open, then shot to 1.15 within the first hour before dropping! even if you paid the highest that I recommended, you hit our 2.5% target as the high here was 2.68%
  • (BZP) - no problem here as it ended closing up over 4% - after hours added another 5% today
  • (CGPI) - will be carried over into Fri
  • +CATEA - the option play today is up over 7%, I would say if you can pull 15% from here, thats a deal!

A pick for Friday 3/14/08 is to short (BBW) and plug into our "system"
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an investment opportunity

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Results 3.12.08 and a pick for Thurs 13

Results for Wed. 3.12.08:

  • (BDGW) - Tues alert @ 3:00p; entry at .62, hit a high of +25.81% and closed up about 12%
  • (FNAT) - same alert, closed up 67.65% from Tues afternoons entry point
  • (TMA) - a high of +141.38% and closed up 83%
  • +TMAGZ - option told to buy first thing this morning; closed up +138.47% - I recommend with these two, sell enough to get your original investment back, hold the profits in the positions and forget about them for a couple of months, I am looking for (TMA) to get up to $8-$10/share by mid-summer
  • (DBC) - carried over from Mon, well it hit our target
  • (FUEL) - the only loser as it stopped out with a 3% sell stop
  • (NFLX) - my PlatinumPick play had no problem as it ran through our 2.5% with a high of +4.08%
  • (FINL) - another no problem goal maker - hit +3.32% today
  • (DEEP) - hit to short price and will be looking for that 2.5% drop on Thurs
  • (ASTIZ) - hit our marks
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As my new site has been killing, you can go there right now and w/o joining or anything, I have allowed access to all guests to read the past pick pages and see what is going on over there- today the plays made 25% , 65% , 138% , 150% and more!!! so go look, it will not hurt and in the left sidebar under FEATURED LINKS rome around; esp look at the OTC alert from Tues afternoon, and look and todays plays!!!

I am offering this until 8:00am Thurs March 13th EST - join as a monthly subscriber which is $38 first month , $19 ea addl month (cancel anytime) -sign up monthly, follow instructions and pay $38 via PayPal; I will in return refund you the $19 one time fee before lunch time tomorrow_or_sign up and join for a year in advance $189 + $19 = $208; I will refund you back $59 within 24 hrs, making a years Full Membership $149 (most site, know where as good as this) charge this or more every month.

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These were the plays from today

The best looking PlatinumPick for Wed 3/12 :

  • (NFLX) - a Bull play that closed above the trigger point of the Parabolic SAR that is registering a Bullish signal

Two more Bull picks that are also "system" plays:

  • (FINL)
  • (FUEL)

(ASTIZ) - a stock that I found and have been watching for about 6 months now; a good entry point is $5.15 to buy long and then look for a quick 5% return

A stock to watch:

  • (TMA) - up over 100% today and is no where near finished running; consider this a solid, speculative play; extra $$$? buy some long and forget about it for a couple of months or...
  • +TMAGZ - buy up some of these options would be a great gamble with good odds on making some big returns with little at risk; this JUL 2.50 CALL closed up over 100% @ .65 and I would buy it at the ask price of .80 (.65-.80) first thing on Wed morning at open
(JASO) - my favorite stock to swing trade is reporting tomorrow after todays 18% run plus addl' 5%+/- in the after hours session now puts us up nicely on the 2 option plays that I have posted on this equity. I would not buy long or short in the morning but I do recommend getting in on this option at the open: +QJPFC JUNE 15 CALL currently @ 2.70; I would get in at the market price on Wed morning, it is a PlatinumPick!

(BDGW) was also given +26% today
(FNAT) +66%+++
TMA over 150% today
the option above over 140% today!!! plus more- ALL HUGE WINNERS @

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Monday, March 10, 2008

A few for Tues March 11, 2008 :

A Bull:
(DBC) - plug into our system

A Bear:
(DF) - also a system play ~ a 2.5% gain before a 3% sell stop

A .OB play:
(BSRC) - look for 10% out of this long pick

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Buy this one now for... the morning

(BZP) - buy this one in the extended pm trading hours that are now going on, where it is presently sitting @ 18.83; look to pull 4% - 6% gains from here probably before lunch!
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I called it topping 10% and it closed +14%

BRLC - again correct with many more at the new site!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Platinum Pick ** Bonus ** Tuesday March 4 , 2008 3/4/08

Here is a pick that may see gains topping 10% today, Tues March 4th:
(BRLC) is it!
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A Perfect Day, Again!

Here are the results from :

New site, same results:

  • (JASO) - posted a buy at open @ 14.40 and under and sell @ 14.96-14.99; it opened @ 14.00 and hit 15.03 so if you bought at the open and sold when I stated at 14.96-14.99, by lunchtime you pulled just over 7% in gains from here today!
  • (VLNC) - one that I told you to plug into our "system" , no problem as we flew by the 2.5% target goal hitting +9.46% and closed up 7.36%
  • (BDGW) - posted a buy up to .97, and there were a couple of these oppertunities; also stated to start selling off at the $1 mark giving you a 3% gain - if you did as I said and sold off little by little, you would have milked this one to 1.05, giving you profits from 3% to 8.25% ...not bad!
  • (S) - was a short play if it hit $7.50; it came close but the trade was not initiated - no trade here

Now my option buys from today (I normally will not post results of these until the positions are closed, as these are given to full members) but here we go (today only)...

  • +FREOE - opened at 1.85 and I said to look for 2.50 within 2 weeks; well, it already past that closing @ 2.55 for a 37.84 days gain!!!!
  • +QJPDC - +14.71% for the first day!!!!
  • +SQL - +7% gains for the first day!!!!
  • my two spec options (money to lose but with huge upside potential) - +YHQDF -4.5% and +QXOFH had no change

Monday, March 3, 2008

RESULTS are IN ! March 3rd Perfect at

Last night I gave you a option play of the year-
+FREOE @ 1.85 with a buy up to 1.95, well at the open you could have bought this put at 1.80; I said it would get you over 30% gain within 2 weeks...
...well it closed at $2.55 already for a days gain of 41.67%
...also, every one of my days picks, both stocks and options, were big, big winners @
I have allowed access to all of these pages for all to view;
they can be viewed there under the "featured links" section of the site located in the left sidebar of the homepage... also available are some open plays that are all free so check it out

A Play for Mon March 3 , 2008

3/3/08 : I am giving my top option pick of the year!!!
  • +FREOE this is it, buy up to 1.95 at look for a 30% gain within 2 weeks at 2.50; Mar 25 Put currently at 1.85
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