Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make a Monthly Income -Easy- no work Lo0k

Here is a great way to make a extra monthly income; Anyone interested that has a blog/site, I will give you a upgrade to Full-Member status FREE every month that you write one post talking about my site - also in this post include the link that will have your personal tracking I.D. # so you will be automatically paid monthly. It is a great site and getting sign-ups is very easy!!! Try it one month, it will not cost anything and maybe you will find something to spend your extra monthly income on...

Join @ www.dailydaytrades.com as a free, limited member then let me know you are interested; once you join as a free member, you can get your personal link from the site- write and post an article with your link (dont have to be long) let me know you have a post, I will upgrade you to Full member status to my site- You will get stock and option picks daily plus a personal webpage to put your personal ads, blog links etc - this is a site that gets 2,000+/- hits per day and its only 2 months old!!!!!

**UPDATE - commissions are drastically increased of of now, April 29 and new rates are in RED....

Commission Schedule:

  • $25.00 New rate- $29.00 one time commission for each full access member on the yearly payment option
  • $ 2.00 New rate - $5.00!!! one time commission for each full access member on the monthly payment option
  • $ 2.00 New rate - $5.00/month! each month after for full access memberships who on the monthly payment option
  • $ 2.00 New rate $5.00/month!each month after for full access memberships who on the monthly payment option one of your affiliates signs up
Payments will be sent via PayPal to your PayPal e-mail address in your profile Monthly.

Terms and Conditions:

...check out the two-tier affiliate program that I have running for all members, both free and paid, by clicking on that banner above that states "Sponsor this Group"

...you will get an affiliate id, so promote this site and each full member sign-up, you will automatically receive $5/month for every member, every month PLUS

...for every member that each of your sign ups gets to join, they will receive a $5/month commission and you will receive $5/month for your sign up plus addl' $5/month for everyone of their sign-ups! there is no limit and you will automatically get paid monthly right into your paypal account. You can always check on your status of the commissions and members under you by clicking the "check your affiliate commissions" red link on the top left side of every page.

Example: you have ten sign ups that joined by clicking the link on your site, etc ; and each of those get ten, then you will receive a monthly payment of $550!!! amount that you can earn is unlimited and this is one of the highest paid affiliate programs out there, and remember there is NO catch!!! sign up 15 people rec' $75/month, then you get addl' $5 for every sign-up that they get! say- they each sign 15, then your payment would be $825 every month!!! Once they sign up, you will be paid monthly for each member as long as they stay a member!!!

Also, every yearly sign up pays $29.00

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MsMarvalus said...

I appreciate the Entrecard drop...I reciprocated in kind...

This actually sounds interesting...I'll mull it over...