Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wed 2/27 Results !!!

(DARA) - well as I said to keep an eye on this as you should get over 10% gain; I was wrong... it hit a high of over 66% on the day, and closed 24.05% higher!!! I would say that DARA made up for the 3% stop loss on (AVR) ; if you are a full-member at then you would have also took advantage of my other long pick (GG)
That site is also where I give option picks and the 2 for this week are both nicely up;

**REMINDER** after 2/29 , I will still post some picks here, now is the time to join before membership rates increase on 3/01/08 - now you can lock in at a monthly fee of $19 or join free and get your own personal webpage etc... just no picks.

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