Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Wonderful Day! also Thurs. 2/14/08 Stock Winners!

As for my play on Wed. (JASO) I stated you would be able to gain more than the usual 2.5% daily gain and how does over 18% sound at the close, due to ext hrs activity, if you went long at open, still gains topped over 7%-12% depending if order executed closer to 9:40 as it dropped a little before this solar stock aimed for the sun!
Now I will show love for a few longs on this Valentines Day:
  • (JRCC)
  • (CENX)
  • (VSCI) - all three long, plug into "the system"

Yes-you are reading this correct; I like (JASO) for Thurs. as a short play, look for the 2.5%; No Sell Stops as always with this equity

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