Saturday, February 9, 2008

Results from Fri stock picks

(CSGS) - rose 1.56% and dropped 2% from open; so this shorted play will be carried into Monday Feb 11, 2008
(AGIX) - hit the target as it was +4.62% on the days high
(JASO) - split 3-1 pre-open, no problem with todays target as I said it may pull a 5% gain, well it came offly close

~ 72 Winners & still 9 Losers ~
Thursday's option bonus:
+CDECA (CDE) Mar 5 Call; initiated @ .15, at Fri close - we are up +33.34% already; still a buy to .20
Until the members site is launched, I will throw in a few option picks (these are the money makers) ~ after Apr 1, no option picks will be posted here.

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