Monday, February 18, 2008

Members Site to be Lauched sooner...

... than the original Apr 1 launch date. It looks like I am shooting to go with it on Feb 29,2008
I will be in contact with all the members who have bought in early, so the offer that is posted in now expired on this 18th day of Febuary 2008...
... this will be your last chance to get full-access to the new members only "Daily Stock Pick" site that will be located at

For a one time fee of $49.00, you will receive a full 6-month membership
no credit card will be needed on file, no auto-renewing as you will make a donation in the "chip-in" box located right here on this site (via paypal)

I also have 3 spots left to get in as a "Founding Member"
the details are posted in this blog
basically, you will receive a Lifetime Ad on this site that get 700++ uniques/day
A Full Lifetime Membership to the new site
3 spots left @ $99.00/each (the cost of placing an ad for 3 months)

I will post more details this week regarding the new site...
it is going to be a active "community as all members will have there own stock blogs, webpages, podcast, etc...

the above offers on both plans will expire on Sun 2/24 @ 11:59 (no-exceptions)
...after that, a monthly subscription will then be needed

This is the best real unique traffic generator out there- a Platinum Member, every hour I am on site;
.....I receive 400 unique visitors to any of my sites that I want~


Sara said...

Will there be any additional postings to this blog this week? Or is it done until the members site starts? Thanks.

EMC said...

What is the email address to reach you at? Thanks.