Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sorry for lack of recent posts but...

... Www.DailyDaytrades.coM is going to be fully launched on 2/29/2008 and its taken all my extra time to get it up and ready;
... you can go there now and join (when you arrive at , you will have to join igroops, then choose to become a free member at my site)
... so get your name in and join, all functions are not shown or up now, but will be ful;ly functional on 2/29 - if you already paid for any of the pre-paid packages already, do not worry as I will have to make everyone a Limited-Member until the sites ready, then all Full-Members will get their passwords with full access...
2/19/08 - I opened site to the public and received over 700 unique hits the first day!

Along with all of the stock and option recommendations at;
Full-Members will have access to their own blogs & podcasts to publically show personal trading ideas or anything related to business, etc...
There are going to be forums for the members to interact
Access to upload files w/ file-sharing
Web chat, both video & audio

There is many different site-functions along with the solid picks, so it will be more than just the hottest picks every day; A Stock Universe

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