Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stock Picks for Fri 2 / 8 / 2008 Feb 8 & Thurs Results

Result of todays pick: (CYMI) a short opened higher to the public and hit our goal and the days low 1/2 hour into the session
Friday's Plays:
  • (AGIX) - go long with this
  • (CSGS) - play this short tomorrow
  • (JASO) - yes again, 16% swing today-downward pressure should be lessening, as usual; no sell stop, buy to 49.50 and go for the target but you may pull 5% or more from this equity on Friday as the sun is coming out for solar

70 Winners * 9 Losers

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How can someone put 1 star when 2 hit target and one will carry into mon??? I would love to know??
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doctordg said...

Maybe because the result are not always true. Again, can you explain to me why CYMI is a winner? It open at 25,94 then it a low of 25,44(-1.9%only) then when up from there. Same thing happened with EFGU monday....Don't get me wrong,you were right for friday and on many other days(with excellent result) but some of your result are just not accurate.


EFGU on Mon 2/4= opened @ $3.50 rose to 3.60 at 10:00, so it hit +2.86% which passed the 2.5mark

CYMI opened over 26 at 26.01, your order would never have been processed at 25.94, from orders that carried from x-am; i have service with this info- i will email