Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday; Contest and Updates

Fridays Results- the only Black Fri, was right here, the first time, out of all my picks- I had to that stopped out: (SOHU) short & (CYMI) also a short, the bulls won on Fri even though all signs after hrs Thurs. pointed to a down Fri. (cough-cough) GOOG. sometimes I wonder...
I did not recommend playing a Bull run on Fri but did threw 2 out there: (FBTX) sell stopped;
O.K. - the long that I did not encourage but did list - (MBRK) hit the target as it flew to +13.32% and closed up on the day +9.65%

My option plays are HOT as I had many requests for them, my speciality - even though I play these short term - in a range from a week to a few weeks;
I was not going to give any of these true Platinum Picks until the pay service is launched on 4/1/08; but I am giving a little taste for the next 2 months:
+QXOCH - initiated a buy @ .15 on Thurs. (pre-open); closed on Fri. @ .25; 2-day Gain of +66.67%
+GMFE - also a buy @ $4.75 Thurs. pre-open; closed on Fri. @5.72; 2-day Gain of +20.43%

Check in after the BOWL and I will release those "once a week, stone-cold mortal locks" that I have been 100% right; all w/ one day returns over 18% ...

  • Now a Super Bowl Contest for blog owners; simple, guess the score of each team & if you beat me then you receive a free text link to your site for a month! Your score as well as mine is tallied by each point you were off -from the winning team to the losing team; plus add how many points you were off of the total score from the game... TO BE ENTERED, YOU MUST WRITE A POST ON YOUR BLOG, nothing fancy, ABOUT THIS CONTEST WITH A LINK TO MY SITE IN THE POST, post your score there and also in the comment section w/ your sites link so I can check post! Bonus for EC members, each point you beat me by, not only will you receive free advertising but 3 EC credits for every point!!!!
  • ex. of scoring system - if you guess Pats 50 Gia 40 & the final is Pat 45 Gia 39; then you had pats winning by 10, so you score a (4) as thats the difference, plus add (6) for being off that on total - score nwould be (10) if your score is lower than mine you win the add;FUN!!!!
  • My Prediction to beat is PAT 31 GIA 16

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