Friday, February 15, 2008

The Hot Ones for Friday Feb 15, 2008

After another perfect day at 5-0 with the Bonus play closed 83.33% higher than todays open

The picks for Friday 2/15/08 are all going to be bought long:

  • (KWK) - go long and get our goal
  • (VSCI) - shoot for the +2.5%; don't use the 3% sell stop on this play but watch it
  • (COG) - this one I am really on the fence about - but I'll throw it out there for you to take a look at and make your own decision

Here are three Big Bonus Plays that may return upwards of 20%, or more, each:

  1. (MSTF)
  2. (MDII)
  3. (MOBE)

Using the "system"; I have been over 87% accurate on my picks selling with a 2.5% gain before stopping out at a 3% loss in one trading day in which the plays were posted for.

80 Winners ~ 10 Stopped Out

To my readers, please leave me a comment here regarding the sites color combo used - do you like it, or should it be changed to just a plain white background? Any thoughts, positive or negative, would really be appriciated...

I would like to thank all of you, my visitors, as yesterday this site hit a traffic rank of 72,013 (Alexia) out of over 113,000,000!

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