Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Results are in Tues 2-0; Picks for Wed. Feb. 6, 2008

Both of Tues plays hit our target!
  1. (EFGU) - gained over the 2.5% mark before getting slammed
  2. (JASO) - also hit the mark, and rose to a day's high of +7.59%

Alright, I'm back, Wednesday 2/6/2008:

* A long play:

  • (CXG) - plug it in as normal; above trigger point for the Parabolic SAR to signal a bullish sign, and it's above its 9-day moving average which is also a bullish trend

* da Bears:

  • (DTG) - my favorite of the two
  • (AFFY)- a short also (watch this, if it's down over 2% in extended hrs- stay off)

after Fri 0-2, but with Mon 2-0;

brings me to 64 Winners with 9 Losers since inception 86% correct

My 2 Option Plays are doing well; I am going to add another to the portfolio, this is a good play for these market conditions:

  • (CDE) Option: +CDECA Mar $5 Call; closed at .15 w/ a bid/ask .10/.15 - buy to .20 for now

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EMC said...

Can you explain how EFGU was a successful pick? I don't see anywhere that the stock rose above the stock price at entry point that you posted on Monday. Please correct me if I'm misinterpreting something. Thanks!

Ed said...

yeh iam going to second that. i think this guy is full of shit. same thing for jaso, there is a distinct downward trend throughout the entire day.


what are you talking about??
Mon the 4th (JASO)
opened at $53.52 and had a high of $57.58 , that is a gain 7.59%; if you read this site, we look to put a sell limit w/ a 2.5% gain, so how did JASO lose??
EFGU opened at 3.50 with a high 3.60, also surpassed the 2.5%
emc, understand?
as far as ed, see ya @ss!