Friday, March 14, 2008

YES, ANOTHER Perfect Platinum Picks Day...

Another Perfect Day, again... from

  • (CGPI) - was carried into today and hit not hit either limit, goes into Monday
  • (NUS) - did not drop down enough to initiate a position
Here was the play posted here:
  • (BBW) - opened @ $8.60, a short, hit our goal and ran to a high of 9% gain on the day
  • (JASO) - opened @ 15.57 and this short hit a 8.88% gain, so my 4% target was taken for a great profit with ease!
  • +QJPFC - a JUNE 15 CALL gave a re-recommendation to open or buy more of this option when it dropped below 2.70; some may have entered at the 2.50 range, now hold this
  • +AEMEO - the option play for today had closed up +28.20%; I would close half of your position here and wait for further instruction

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