Wednesday, March 12, 2008


These were the plays from today

The best looking PlatinumPick for Wed 3/12 :

  • (NFLX) - a Bull play that closed above the trigger point of the Parabolic SAR that is registering a Bullish signal

Two more Bull picks that are also "system" plays:

  • (FINL)
  • (FUEL)

(ASTIZ) - a stock that I found and have been watching for about 6 months now; a good entry point is $5.15 to buy long and then look for a quick 5% return

A stock to watch:

  • (TMA) - up over 100% today and is no where near finished running; consider this a solid, speculative play; extra $$$? buy some long and forget about it for a couple of months or...
  • +TMAGZ - buy up some of these options would be a great gamble with good odds on making some big returns with little at risk; this JUL 2.50 CALL closed up over 100% @ .65 and I would buy it at the ask price of .80 (.65-.80) first thing on Wed morning at open
(JASO) - my favorite stock to swing trade is reporting tomorrow after todays 18% run plus addl' 5%+/- in the after hours session now puts us up nicely on the 2 option plays that I have posted on this equity. I would not buy long or short in the morning but I do recommend getting in on this option at the open: +QJPFC JUNE 15 CALL currently @ 2.70; I would get in at the market price on Wed morning, it is a PlatinumPick!

(BDGW) was also given +26% today
(FNAT) +66%+++
TMA over 150% today
the option above over 140% today!!! plus more- ALL HUGE WINNERS @

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