Thursday, March 13, 2008

Results for Thurs 3.13.2008 & Pick for Fri 14th

Another Perfect Day here at PlatinumPicks:

  • (DEEP) - a short from Tues with a 2.52 entry, hit our 2.5% target and actually had a high of over +5%
  • (NWD) - a buy to 1.12; ext am price was @ 1.09 - the 1.12 open, then shot to 1.15 within the first hour before dropping! even if you paid the highest that I recommended, you hit our 2.5% target as the high here was 2.68%
  • (BZP) - no problem here as it ended closing up over 4% - after hours added another 5% today
  • (CGPI) - will be carried over into Fri
  • +CATEA - the option play today is up over 7%, I would say if you can pull 15% from here, thats a deal!

A pick for Friday 3/14/08 is to short (BBW) and plug into our "system"
more picks at the new place

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