Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Perfect Day, Again!

Here are the results from www.dailydaytrades.com :

New site, same results:

  • (JASO) - posted a buy at open @ 14.40 and under and sell @ 14.96-14.99; it opened @ 14.00 and hit 15.03 so if you bought at the open and sold when I stated at 14.96-14.99, by lunchtime you pulled just over 7% in gains from here today!
  • (VLNC) - one that I told you to plug into our "system" , no problem as we flew by the 2.5% target goal hitting +9.46% and closed up 7.36%
  • (BDGW) - posted a buy up to .97, and there were a couple of these oppertunities; also stated to start selling off at the $1 mark giving you a 3% gain - if you did as I said and sold off little by little, you would have milked this one to 1.05, giving you profits from 3% to 8.25% ...not bad!
  • (S) - was a short play if it hit $7.50; it came close but the trade was not initiated - no trade here

Now my option buys from today (I normally will not post results of these until the positions are closed, as these are given to full members) but here we go (today only)...

  • +FREOE - opened at 1.85 and I said to look for 2.50 within 2 weeks; well, it already past that closing @ 2.55 for a 37.84 days gain!!!!
  • +QJPDC - +14.71% for the first day!!!!
  • +SQL - +7% gains for the first day!!!!
  • my two spec options (money to lose but with huge upside potential) - +YHQDF -4.5% and +QXOFH had no change

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