Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As my new site has been killing, you can go there right now and w/o joining or anything, I have allowed access to all guests to read the past pick pages and see what is going on over there- today the plays made 25% , 65% , 138% , 150% and more!!! so go look, it will not hurt and in the left sidebar under FEATURED LINKS rome around; esp look at the OTC alert from Tues afternoon, and look and todays plays!!!

I am offering this until 8:00am Thurs March 13th EST - join as a monthly subscriber which is $38 first month , $19 ea addl month (cancel anytime) -sign up monthly, follow instructions and pay $38 via PayPal; I will in return refund you the $19 one time fee before lunch time tomorrow_or_sign up and join for a year in advance $189 + $19 = $208; I will refund you back $59 within 24 hrs, making a years Full Membership $149 (most site, know where as good as this) charge this or more every month.

Take a visit, Free - just throw me an email if you do join and type BLOGCOUPON12

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Pamps said...

a very informative blog about stocks..i'll hop around every once in a while -Pamps