Saturday, March 15, 2008

24 hours left...

All current paid full members, don't worry as your rate is locked in for a year from start of subscription...all limited or new members have until Sat March 15, 2008 to get in at these extremely low rates as rates are increasing at 1:00pm est 3/15/08

I have kept the low, pre-launch rates but the performance here is unlike any site I have ever been to and the fees elsewhere start at $50/month to $499/month (I have seen these) - and the returns are good not great; nothing like here were I receive emails daily how guys are making thousands with 2-3000 starting accts, the emails have nothing to do with increase, I know what I have given out, my current monthly fee is less one round trip trade with a discount broker. They will probaly be set around $29-$49/month and close to 300-350/year so take advantage- also, under members benifits, you can buy a lifetime that you own and may sell whenever for whatever! Get locked in for a year, look at the reviews.

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