Thursday, March 13, 2008

Results 3.12.08 and a pick for Thurs 13

Results for Wed. 3.12.08:

  • (BDGW) - Tues alert @ 3:00p; entry at .62, hit a high of +25.81% and closed up about 12%
  • (FNAT) - same alert, closed up 67.65% from Tues afternoons entry point
  • (TMA) - a high of +141.38% and closed up 83%
  • +TMAGZ - option told to buy first thing this morning; closed up +138.47% - I recommend with these two, sell enough to get your original investment back, hold the profits in the positions and forget about them for a couple of months, I am looking for (TMA) to get up to $8-$10/share by mid-summer
  • (DBC) - carried over from Mon, well it hit our target
  • (FUEL) - the only loser as it stopped out with a 3% sell stop
  • (NFLX) - my PlatinumPick play had no problem as it ran through our 2.5% with a high of +4.08%
  • (FINL) - another no problem goal maker - hit +3.32% today
  • (DEEP) - hit to short price and will be looking for that 2.5% drop on Thurs
  • (ASTIZ) - hit our marks
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