Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stock Results are again Perfect - July 19 && 20 2008

June 19, 2008:Results are in Purple

  • (CCL) - system play to sell short; if shorted in ext am (the posting was not up until 9:30) then it dropped +3% before running the wrong way which triggered the sell stop @ the 3% loss Frown
  • (FSYS) - system play to buy long; A WINNER as it just passed our +2.50% goal Money mouth
  • (TITN) - system play to buy long; A WINNER if you waited to execute order until the stock turned and started to rise (leveled out) at 9:45 through 1/2pm then ran up to what would have gave you our goal, running up to apprx. 3.5% ; if you opened a position @ the open, your holdings should be sitting up around 2.23% and will be carried into Friday to pull the +2.5% target Wink


June 20, 2008: results @ close in Purple

  • (IBNK) ~ enter at/above 10.50; sell short, system; A WINNER! ...opened above the recommended trigger and hit a days high of +7.25%
  • (FSNM) ~ sell short, system; AWINNER! ...hit a days high of +3.90%
  • (CPF) ~ sell short, system; A WINNER! ...hit a days high of +5.75%
  • (GMR) ~ enter at/below 28.00; buy long, system; A WINNER! ...if entered exactly at the $28 trigger, you saw the target hit as it then ran over an addl' +3.50% ~ if you watched this play before placing an order, you should of allowed it to fully drop before submitting the order and could have aquired it @ 27.20, this then added over an addl' +6.50% today! either way, there was plenty of room with your entry point to later close this position, hitting our target point! Cool
  • (RECN) ~ buy long, system; if you opened a position exactly at the open without seeing if it would quickly move, giving you a better entry price, (unless you do not have internet access at the opening bell, then you should always watch the price movement at open because if you noticed, 90% of the plays that I post usually move significally the other way for the first 15-30mins of trading!) apprx entry at 9:35 - $21.75, then it'll carry over into Mondays trading session. If you followed what I have stated in the past, you would have allowed the equities cost drop until you saw some signs of a turn-around, then you could have hit our goal before the close if you executed the trade around 10:15am, which turned around and later added over +4.25% gains making this A WINNER!
  • (XME) ~ a recommended long-term play (at least a month)
    • SPDR Metals & Mining ETF made up of all of the hottest equities going! Over 1/3 of the portfolio is made up of coal co. stocks, followed by iron/steel stocks, and it's topped off with holdings in the metal & mining fabrication field
    • XME is a long-term trade. You may apply your personal sell stop limit if you wish but I recommend that we hold onto this equity for at least a few weeks before re-visiting and analyzing it again.