Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Stock and Option Picks - June 24, 2008

Before I get to Tues, June 24th picks, take a look at the results from the new site OptionDaytrades.com - here are the plays from last Thursday & Friday

The change in price for the initial trading day (first day) is found after the recommendation in purple

The results at todays close, Monday June 23rd (only 1-2 extra trading days later), is posted after the picks in orange

June 18:

  • +MEEJP (MEE) Oct 80 Call; closed @ 16.00
    • +20% gain today @ 19.20; 22.30 +39.38%
  • +WORIX (WOR) Sept 22.50 Call; closed @ 1.60
    • +6.25% gain today @ 1.70; 2.05 +28.13%
  • +GPYGS (GS) July 195 Call; now its on sale as it closed @ 2.25; I would see what you can open a position here at
    • +24% (with 2.25 entry) to 39.50% (as immediately dropped before running the rest of the day) closed @ 2.79 today; down -39% from initial recommendation

Mid-Day Trade Alert:

(this was emailed to members @ 11:30am on the 18th)

TRADE ALERT - posted June 18 @ 11:30am

+AGUGC (AGU) July 115 Call

Currently @ 4.30 after taking a big hit this morning; enter when levels off or any sign of upward momentum; look for a 25% gain before closing this position; we hit the 25% mark and closed today, Monday June 23rd, up +23.26%!!!


June 20th:

  • +MVQGN (XME) July 92 Call; closed @ 5.10 with the bid/ask currently @ 4.90/5.40; opened @ 4.80 closed @ 4.60 ; 4.90/5.40 ~ I still like this play as the "coals" in this sector are still "burning hot"; up +5.89%
    • (XME) ~ I highly recommend this as a longer term play- this refers to the option above & below
      • SPDR Metals & Mining ETF made up of all of the hottest equities going! Over 1/3 of the portfolio is made up of coal co. stocks, followed by iron/steel stocks, and it's topped off with holdings in the metal & mining fabrication field. This ETF has been rollin' as it looks like it'll never run out of "steam" Wink
  • +MVQIV (XME) Sept 100 Call; bid/ask at the close 5.10/5.60; no change; no change
  • +QXIUF (CINF) Sept 30 Put; 2.60/3.20 @ close, enter to 3.75; no change here at Fridays close; after second day +92.31%
  • +CPFSC (CPF) July 15 Put; last bid/ask 3.40/3.90; closed slightly higher with gains reaching near +10% on the first day of this play; after second day +32.36%

2-Days, 8 Plays-

6-higher, 1-lower, 1-unchanged

+184% * Average Two-Day Trade Average= +23%



Limited Members- below are some free plays, upgrade to gain access to the 2-Top Trades for Tuesday! You were allowed access for today, Monday June 23rd plays and they were all winners! See results under the link with the correct date posted

Stock Picks June 24, 2008:

  • (-----) - a long, system play
  • (JASO) - an extra pick, buy long and look for a +3%-4% gain; no sell stop
  • (----) - sell short, use system

A Bonus! A Option Play:

  • +APVSO (AAPL) July 175 Put; bid/ask 8.40/8.50
    • open a postion at the bell and look for a +20% gain before closing this trade