Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Stock Pick for June 26 2008 - options too!

Here are the results from Wed plays along with a free pick for Thurs

June 25, 2008:

  • (ACTG) ~ sell short, system; if you followed "guidelines" - this never started to drop as I was way off on this trade Foot in mouth unless you placed this order to initiate at open (I know everyone cann't watch the prices at/after the open) - it steadily climbed all day, so you never saw an oppertunity to sell short as it gained +8.53% ; if you did place the order for the open, it was a loser at the 3% stop limit; in the future, I am currently working on entry points for those of you that cann't watch the ticker at the bell. **Note- when daytrading, you really should be able to have access to your online broker and some time during the trading session to monitor your trades. Also, all of the results that I post from my recommendations are if you entered at the open and used system; it'll work that way but if you can pick and choose when you enter it just adds more odds in your favor!
  • (CPF) ~ sell short at/above 11.00, use system; again, depending on your entry but... this was given out today in the Live Trading Room @ 10:15 to sell short @ 12.10 (also was emailed out to all members & subscribers as a trade alert also at 10:15) - A Winner as it then hit a low of 11.28 making the days high gains of +7.27%
  • (NWPX) ~ buy long, system; A Winner! high of +2.91%
  • (WAB) ~ buy long, system; A Winner! high of +3.29%


June 26, 2008: (upgrade to gain access to all the top picks)

  • (TELOZ) ~ bull, system play; this equity has no "quit" in sight- take a look...

The price of oil will never go down even if the dollar recovers ground. The question is will the proven reserves within the TELOZ trust continue paying out $0.60 a share? For the time being, and with the Atlantic exploitations they currently operate, beating the S&P over the next couple years shouldn't be a problem.

Tel Offshore is up an unbelievable 300% over the last year

  • (-----) ~ a long, system play
  • (-----) ~ a long, system play
  • (----) ~ sell short at/above 10.65; if this doesn't trigger before 12noon, sell short at noon if (----) is at least above 10.50, if not, then disregard the trade today. If it does trigger, use system
  • (-----) ~ is carried over into Thursday using an entry at the 19.50 area
  • I found a great Option Call using (------) that can be found where I post the top Option Trades, daily!