Sunday, June 22, 2008

$5,000 into $1,500,000.00 ; take a lo0K

This is in reference to my flagship site,
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If you started out with just $5,000 and managed to make only 10% per month investing in stocks, which is way under our average, you could end up with $1.5 Million in just 5 years. I've worked up a chart that shows you just how easily your money can expand if you have it working for you. Our goal here is a 2% Daily gain (plus commissions; we set sell limits at 2.50% to allow for addl' fees) - Start with $10,000 and manage to return a 2%, compounded daily gain, and do it for 1 year, that would also work out to a $1,500,000 portfolio value! Year-to-Date, I have been hitting the target more than 80% of all posted plays (using a low figure, say hit 4 out of every 5 picks; 4 trades that return +2.50% and 1 trade that initiates the 3% stop loss) this will work out to +7% ! Lets say I tank some days or you happen to only buy the "rare" losing trades from the field of choices, but if you enter into one or two of the recommendations/day and only hit a winning trade average of +62.50% (16 Winners & 10 Losers out of 26 trades) *Notice- this is a low average as all of my plays this year have been close to 90% correct. Using the 62.50% average is a good reference point to show you that even if the win/loss ratio is ever that low but is done monthly, you will get the 10% a month needed to accomplish the below reference!

The chart may be hard to see/cut off, visit the main site and see full detail their

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