Monday, July 21, 2008

Stock and Options picks for Tuesday July 22 2008


Trade Alert eMailed @ 3:40pm:

  • +APVTH (AAPL) ~ Aug 140 Puts; alerted @ 1.45 & dropped below 1.40 before close - after the close, after earning come out, Apple is taking a Huge Hit!
  • +APVTM (AAPL) ~ Aug 165 Put; was posted as a buy on Friday and stated to hold until Tuesday, well this looks a HUGE WINNER! we hit the Jackpot again! Second time in as many days! (after the ext hrs session, looks like this will be up around +250% or just after tomorrows open; and should go up as the day rolls on!)
  • +GOPTJ (GOOG) ~ Aug 450 Put; was eMailed out to all members and newsletter subscribers on Thurs July 17th at 10am when the options were @ 4.50; at todays (July 21st) close the gains here were +132% and dont see it slowing down tomorrow either as the stock dropped another 10pts+/- after hours and will fall more w/ the poor tech earnings coming out!


July 22nd:

  • (----) ~ sell short @ open and use in system; this is the only true system play I have for Tuesday, lets collect on the AAPL & GOOG puts!To get Tuesdays top play, you need to upgrade to a FULL MEMBER!
  • (GOLD) ~ buy long; I am listing this bullish gold stock (best of bunch) because as it looks, when market drops, gold rises
  • (-----) ~ I am listing this long-term bullish stock as a bonus play; I read an interesting article this afternoon that had 3 stocks to double before the years end but the other two didn't pan out using my 10 point test that I run all stocks through before I recommend. This is a system that I have developed and refined over the years and use to find the Platinum Picks given here! To gain access to this top long term gainer, upgrade to a FULL-MEMBER!