Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9 2008 Stock Picks - all July's Hot Stocks

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All of July, 2008 - Stock Play's:
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July 1:
(WMG) ~ sell short; use system
A Winner! flew by our target as it dropped and hit a days high of +5.63%

July 2:
(ALTH) ~ buy long at/below 7.00; system play. I have looked over many stocks (twice normal) and this is the only play I would consider posting
A Winner! triggered @ 10:15, dropped and hit the $7 trigger mark and turned around at 6.89, then climbed to the days high of 7.30 +5.95% in the afternoon

July 3:
(SQNM) ~ long, system
A Winner! dropped to a low of 9.40; hit our target as it had a potential days high gain of +6.71%
(UTHR) ~ enter at/below 105 (before 11:30 or dismiss) buy long in system
it triggered to enter and did not reach either of the sell limits; will be carried over into Mondays session
sell stop initiated @ 3% loss
(BLDR) ~ try to enter close to 5.00 and enter before 11:30, sell short, use system
A Winner! 4.98 @ open before falling down to 4.81 making the days high +3.54%
(ARQL) ~ sell short at/above 3.12 , look for our reg 2.50% target gain but use a 4% sell stop limit on this trade
A Winner! triggered @ open, 45 mins later, hit the days low making todays gains reaching the +4% mark
The month of July has been... PERFECT!
June 26th - posted to short (DTG) @ 10.65; on July 3rd, closed @ 3.18 +235%

July 7:
(AMFI) ~ sell short @ open
A Winner! if you rode this trade today, the days high gain here hit +18.45%
if interested, here are 2 more "bonus" plays but would use a trigger price and enter only if it triggers before 11:30am (remember, if these are moving upward, let it pass trigger point and do not open a position until it starts to level off as I have talked about in the past)
(CMLS) ~ at/above 3.38, sell short
A Winner! opened above the trigger @ 3.42 then ran to pull a days high gain of +11.77%
(CBON) ~ at/above 4.75, sell short
did not reach the trigger point to enter into a position
Month of July to date: 7 Winners & 1 Stopped out
86% accurate; 7 system wins @ +2.5% each = +17.50% / 1 system loss @ -3% ; 1st week net +14.50%
7 winning plays had a total of their 1 day gains = +56.05% ; each play had an average days high gain of +8%
July 9:
** I like these picks in the following order (all system plays)...
(-------) ~ buy long @ open
(--------) ~ enter long at/below 7.78 and must trigger before 11:30
(SPTN) ~ buy long @ open
(DMND) ~ enter long at/below 25.00; trigger before 11:30
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