Saturday, July 12, 2008 posted plays Julys results

Going into July 10th, this month, I have recommended 8 Winners, 1 Loser and 2 trades carried into Thursday - thats a +87.50% accuracy rating!

The newly launched site has been posting the same great results day after day!

July 10:

* (AZZ) ~ buy long @ open
+ A Winner! passed our 2.50% profit mark to +2.65% Money mouth
* (SSG) ~ buy long at/below 76.00 and must be executed before 11:30am or disregard trade; with this ETF, bump sell stop to 4%
+ A Winner! trigger was initiated @ 9:55 when it dropped to the low of 75.83, then ran to a days high gain of +3.30% Money mouth
* (BRT) ~ sell short @ open
+ A Winner! this short had a high gain of +3.13% Money mouth
* (DIVX) ~ sell short at/above 6.78 and before the 11:30 mark
+ A Winner! if you entered near the trigger of 6.78 as it jumped to 6.77 before dropping down to 6.40 giving this shorted play a days high of +5.79% Money mouth

Trade Alert! Stock to Watch - (MASI) - Bullish (emailed alert to all members/newsletter subscribers @ 1:30am 7/10/2008)

+ A Winner! this middle of the night find that was alerted to all members opened at the days low of 35.99 and never looked back as it ran to 37.70 giving this trade a days high gain of +4.76% Money mouth

A Perfect Day! 5 out of 5 Winners!

(DMND) was one that carried over into today, July 10th and it stopped out at the 3% loss limit

(SPTN) was the other trade to carry over and still has not hit either of the limits set. It is sitting about even from the original recommendation two sessions ago; if it doesn't start to pop on Monday, I recommend closing this position to free up funds to open other trade.

After the bell on July 10th, the results from all of this months plays...

13 Winners & 2 Losers

w/ 1 carried over

The month of July has been 84.61% accurate!

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