Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stocks & Options Picks for October 22 2008

Take a peek at the big gainer in an ugly market that was alerted on the 16th...


Oct 20 (alert @ 3:00pm) :

  • +RFYAA (RIMM) Jan 46.63 Call @ bid-12 / ask-12.40
      • This opened today with the ask at 12.40 and dropped immediately down to the $10 range; I see almost 100 contracts were purchased today, hopefully the members are in on this option trade!

Oct 22nd:

  • (JASO) - back to my numero uno swing stock! Buy long and our 2.5% gain should be too easy; look for at least a 4% gain. If you insist on using a sell stop, bump it up to 5%
  • +QJPLB (JASO) Dec 10 Call; closed @ .50
  • (NILE) - sell short, use system
  • (FDML) - sell short, use system