Friday, October 31, 2008

ipo offered - MAKE MONEY

DailyDaytrades Partnerships is now offering a limited number of partnerships allowing you to become an owner of this site! Ownership of this site will be broken down into 100 units, which we will call "stocks," and that is a set number that can never change. Each stock represents 1% of the site. I, Nicandro Darpino, will keep 51 shares and offer a total of 49 shares to the members. The minimum stock purchase required is 1 share to become an owner. All of this sites revenue will be distributed to the stockholders. A stockholder that owns 5 shares will collect 5% off all income. Once you become an owner, then you are entitled to all revenue from members that join on the share purchase day forward, including all advance year payments, all and every monthly payments, all football pick membership plans, any of the sites online store sales... simply put - all of this sites income! Owners have the right to sell their shares at any time, to whomever and at their named price.* Shares will never expire and no fees or renewals will be required or added. Owners are not required to do any work and will not have any of the sites responsiblities. Owners must stay a current full or limited (free) member. If is sold, the total proceeds will be distributed to all owners (each stock held = 1% of sale price)

  • stockholders have no control of this site or any features but asked to contribute on a daily basis ~ more paying members = more income to shareholders along with increasing the sites overall value
  • owners will be paid automatically and immediately as a payment comes in
  • once a month, owners will receive a statements showing the sites activity along with any payments out (owners will be responsible for their portion of expenses; can never exceed the income)
    • affiliate payments that were paid to members for getting us a new paying members (applies only to sign ups that you are receiving income for)
    • total cost for hosting - this is the only needed expense to run the website (this is a fixed cost that works out to $1.29/share)
    • currently no advertising cost (this is the only expense that will never be applied unless the owners agree on running a campaign)
  • set number of shares - 100 total shares
    • 51 will be held by N. Darpino
    • 49 offered to members
  • cost per share - $500/share (one time payment per share)
    • full membership included with the purchase of 2 shares or more (free full membership is valid for the length that you own at least 2 shares)
    • shares may be sold by their owner and transferred to a new owner at a price set by them
      • * a transfer fee of $25/share is required to be paid at time of transfer to new owner (this fee is not added to purchase the intitial public offered shares)

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  • you purchase 2 shares = $1000
    • 100 members join at $48/month !
      • $4800 x 2% = $96/month
    • 5 members/month join using year option @ $448
      • $2240/month x 2% = $44.80/month
    • ppc advertising revenue income
      • $100/month x 2% = $2/month
    • you get free full membership here
      • your saving $48/month
  • Example Yearly Income
    • $96 x 12 = $1152
    • $44.80 x 12 = $537.60
    • $2 x 12 = $12.00
    • $48 x 1 = $576.00
    • Total In = $2278.12
    • less expense -$38.00
    • TOTAL INCOME (on 2 shares) = $2248 +/-
    • and you still can SELL SHARES!!!!!!!